Pushing Carts for a Living

I’m 16, and I got a job pushing carts at a walmart in Wisconsin 3 months ago. I have a love-hate relationship with this job. It’s the third job I’ve had, easiest mentally, hardest physically. I’d say that management has treated me with respect, and understands the hard ass work us cartpushers put in. The customers are actually, nice, for the most part. I’ve never actually had a bad run in with a customer.

Except for the ones who are apparently mute, and just stare at you as you say “may I take your cart? Thank you. Have a good rest of your day.” What bothers me is, I feel like a fuckin idiot for having this job. I try not to tell people what I do exactly, just resorting to “I work at walmart”, because when tell them I push carts, they laugh. I laugh too, but inside I feel like I should be doing better.

I’m a relatively smart person, and it really does hurt me to see people my age in school doing other jobs and getting 13 bucks an hour, and i’m stuck on minimum wage. I’m the best cart pusher at my store, but that doesn’t help me much, because I feel like it’s a job for mentally challenged adults (I work with one challenged adult, and 2 kids my age). And I get so angry doing this job. I’m strangling people in my head and freaking out because i’m the only one there on a busy Saturday, with the electric cart machine broke, working as fast as I possibly can and still falling behind.

I know it’s not my fault but it stresses me out so much. Normal walmarts have 2-3 people cart pushing at any given time, but ours just lost 3 people, so we’re consistently running just one guy at a time, during the busiest hours for some fuckin reason. Luckily, we got some new hires, or it would just be me and the older guy. The work load can be insane, and you never really have time to catch your breath. Seeing a title wave of shopping cars flood out of the building has me cursing under my breath and seeing red. But under all this chaos, I put out a level headed attitude and do my best to not be seen angry. Doing my best to not sound like a psychopath, just needed to talk because no one else would care to listen.

Srijantje Say

You have to see it as a temporary thing,just a means to make some money for a goal[get through your school time]and after that,fuck it.

I used to do all kinds of shitty jobs to enable me to travel,the trick is not to get stuck in the slime so to speak

sporkium Say

Get a better job or at least try to make the job more challenging. i mean, you could always try pulling the carts instead of pushing them. better yet, just get high and push those carts like it doesn’t even fucking matter.

AliShibaz Say


It may help you to realize that some people are deaf and some don’t speak or understand English.

A nice research project for you would be to find out what percentage of people who live in America do not understand English. Another would be to find out how many people are deaf and don’t wear a hearing aid for some reason.

Of all the people who come to America and do not understand English when they arrive, how many never learn to understand English? Of the ones who want to learn English, how long does it take for the average person to learn enough English so that they learn what, “Hey you! Please take your hands off that card!”

It may help you to learn just what size of the population don’t respond to you because they can’t hear you or can’t understand what you say.

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