Mass Murderer Richard Speck Converted Into a Pseudo Woman in Prison.

@LZA This footage of Speck is from 1988 when he was 46 or 47. He died in 1991. Heart attack. What comes around goes around, Richard Speck killed and raped innocent girls. In the end, he suffered the same fate. He hated “loose women” what did he do. He did he best to become one. He was a Redneck and probably didn’t like black folk, but yet that’s who was fucking him. But why would they want to turn Richard Speck into a woman? He was ugly. He converted into a pseudo woman.

He was forced into this by the other prisoners and had to forfeit his manhood to survive. Do you think that when he was being filmed, he feigned enjoyment over his transgender, because if he knew that if he that did anything counter to this that inmate would have kicked his ass? He had a male dominant personality, like those abusive men who beat their wives on the Maury Povich show!! He thought women were beneath him! At the age of around 26 Richard Speck already looked like an old man. I don’t know who are more insane. Speck or the guys who actually manage to fuck him/it in the ass. Just proves men in prison will fuck ANYTHING. They just don’t give a shit. @LZA Why?

Speck was NOT gay! He HAD to give up his manhood to survive in prison. I don’t think he was a real happy camper tho. That would be a miserable, miserable existence. Even if he really was gay, that would be miserable. His man told him to take off his pants and he did it, no questions ask.I wonder how many times a day that happened. He single handily ruined Statesville penitentiary with that video.

They cracked down on the Prisoners so hard they couldn’t piss without being watched. I think this is Specks worst nightmare come true. I just read the book about his crime and life and he prided himself as a tough guy, ladies man. Having to resort to this was probably his only way to survive in prison. Think about the guys that did this to him or what he did to survive around them. That is some sick shit. Maybe they’re not as bad as him or didn’t do what he did, but this is truly some of the worst of humanity.

Humiliation is certainly one way to punish a person for her/his crimes. Especially Specks crimes. The man was punished beyond anyone’s nightmare. Waking up every day knowing that he would be doing sick disgusting things to men. But again, Certainly Deserving!

He had 0 remorse for slaughtering innocent girls with their whole lives ahead of them. On June 28, 1971, the U.S. Supreme Court(citing their June 3, 1968 decision in Witherspoon v. Illinois) upheld Speck’s conviction but reversed his death sentence, because more than 250 potential jurors were unconstitutionally excluded from his jury because of their conscientious or religious beliefs against capital punishment. [54] The case was remanded back to the Illinois Supreme Court for re-sentencing.

Should have got the death penalty. I think Speck had always considered himself a manly man, although of course, he was just the opposite. But in the end, for 25 years, he was owned by other men. But he deserved that fate. For brutally raping, torturing and killing 8 women for no reason.

He himself took hormones to look like a woman. He is looking for the black man’s approval and his body language says he doesn’t even like him…. even a little tiny bit. And when he was snorting the coke, it looks as if he was getting a little tiny bit of it, as if he was scared to get more, you can see when he tried to taste some with his finger, the guy took it from him and he kissed his legs like, ‘thanks for not slapping me”. Or maybe he did, or he was begging for it, cause he was wipping his eyes….

This Speck guy was a complete low life, systematically tortured, raped, and murdered eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital on the night of July 13 into the early morning hours of July 14, 1966. He physically paid for it.

Speck had to change his body and be utterly degraded every day with a pimp just to not get beaten by General pop daily. He got turned out by prison gangs . He may say he enjoys it but I highly doubt that. Just saying that to make.his pathetic life in there a little easier. If I was the family of the victim id find some solace in seeing that he got turned into a prison whore and raped over and over by a gang of gangster disciples guys.


I wonder if he ever made the parallel between what he thought of women/people, and what was thought of him?

I’ve never really heard of him or his circumstance; I only knew his name.

I guess you can say he was a survivor… He did what he had to do, but TBH, he gave up life as he knew it to continue to exist so I don’t know if I’d call that survival at all??? Maybe continuing to exist in a physical body…

Since he had such a hatred for women, I’m sure he had to convince himself the hell that became his life was by his choice because to be treated like the women he hated so much, would be an ego killer to say the least… To admit to becoming what you hate??? In his mind, I bet it was unacceptable! He was actually worse… Because in the big scheme of things he couldn’t handle his own lifestyle.

Not just the pain of all the butt sex and humiliation, the fact that he must have KNOWN he disagreed deep down with it all and having to betray himself to “save face”.

I think stories like this about what he went through give me hope on the justice system. And this is proof that the death penalty may not be the most satisfying in all cases. If he was a mob boss or anyone else with clout, then jail wouldn’t be so bad, so I’d say kill the prick…

But to know every time he wakes up, goes to bed, eats, shits and pisses he’s treated like he tries to treat others, and lives a life of pain gives me so much pleasure and leads me to believe that even though there is evil in the world, it doesn’t always go unchecked… I wish this shit would happen to Cosby, but I know that won;t happen. But I guess we have to take our wins when we get them.

The video mentioned Dahmer… That SOB got off easy with death, but if I was crazy enough to be like that, I’d hope I’d have enough sense to call it quits and charge the biggest guy there and make my eternal exit. I wonder if the pompousness that gave him the thoughts that he can kill/rape women protected him by thinking he put one over on everyone by “staying alive by any means”

If every day was like that, I wish he’d still be alive today, because you KNOW deep down it must bother him on some level… Even if he is a sociopath without feelings… He must recognize these other psychos treat him with the same disregard… Who really knows what went through his mind, though.

I guess the safest statement I can make is that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

It does bother me that there are some violent offenders (murderers, rapists), that thrive in prison since they are in their element. Those are the ones we kill… This dumb fuck you KNEW had no idea what he was in for!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH The overall irony of it is delicious! See, he’s hypocritical… Since he became the woman he hates, he should have killed himself to keep with his code… He ain’t nothing but a selfish bitch…

Stella 1977 Say

@LZA I totally agree with you. He deserved every bit of his miserable and painful life in prison. He was being molested and made to grow boobs lol. That black man his boyfriend had to be thinking , my sex life is down to fucking Richard Speck. …..nasty. there is not enough cocaine on the planet to make that thing desirable ! LOL.


@Stella 1977

This bothers me… The more I think of it, this mother fucker is a low life rat bastard that will do whatever it takes to survive on his terms.

He killed women since it fit his personality.

This is probably not going to make sense, but try and follow my logic. I’m going to barf up my thoughts in a way I hope makes sense…

He did everything for him. He’s a sociopath. When he got in jail, the narrator said he survived in a way he could be happy. We as the public looking at it say “hey, if he did all that he must have been suffering”. I even mentioned that in my other post. Since he hated women he must have hated himself more since he became one. I guess as a way to make myself feel better… I even said it was a punishment worse than death in his case.

I said that thinking I can put myself in the shoes of a true sociopath, thinking that if he became what he hated, he would suffer. I’m not diagnosing myself as a sociopath but I think all of us as humans can have those tendencies to a degree… I know in other threads I’ve mentioned my drug abuse, which at that time I was probably at my highest level of living as a sociopath (if I was ever diagnosed as one)…

I brought myself back to that fuck up way of thinking and it hit me. True sociopaths don’t care… And I had an issue with self-esteem too so the thought came to me as if Speck was the same type of thought process, being a true sociopath that doesn’t care, I wonder if he didn’t suffer at ALL…

He didn’t care about what happened to him as long as he survived. HE can actually convince himself that this new life was good for him (which is why I brought up my drug use; at the time as fucked up as I knew I was I truly convinced myself I didn’t care and allowed me to live care free of anyone else’s feelings).

If that was the case, he really was free in jail. I’m sure he wouldn’t allow himself to suffer, either by not caring about himself to see what he was going through, or being that evil to enjoy himself as long as he was alive… My thoughts can go on an on… but if THIS was the circumstance, then it’s too bad he didn’t die.

I’m not comparing myself to a serial killer but even on my own realm, I’ve convinced myself not to care about things JUST to get away from feeling regret or to acknowledge how fucked up I was… He seems to be a much better mastermind than I at it, so what we think is a hell on Earth, he would rejoice as just another manipulation in order to get away with something…

I guess people like that are like pedophiles… Best to exterminate them straight away…

Stella 1977 Say

@LZA Trust me Richard Speck wasn’t having any fun. People like to say he wanted to survive and he was smart.. absolutely not. You can tell by the way the black guy is sitting he owns Speck. They pimped him out and you can totally force someone to take hormones or whatever. This was not part of his plan.. he obviously liked women. He got a justice that was as equally disturbing. Waking up everyday knowing that he would be doing sick disgusting things to men.

Richard Speck looked so ugly as a man. I could never, ever see a man again in my life and not find that freak desirable. Men in prison are weird. Men in prison will fuck ANYTHING. Why?


NOt sure?? Could be a number of reasons…

A shoe of dominance (like rape), as a form of control… Like Richard Speck did on the outside as a way to gain dominance.

As a form of currency… Speck letting the guy do him in order to survive…

Or maybe it’s just men’s overactive sex drive and need for release more than masturbation???

Probably a combo of that and more… Jeez, maybe even boredom to a point. If I ever get locked up I WANT to be in solitary… I don’t need to deal with anything or anyone.

Stella 1977 Say

@LZA Do you know that the actual video shows Richard Speck giving the black guy his boyfriend or pimp a blow job and was used 1996 to show the Illinois state legislature how bad their prisons were. If I were a member of one of the victims families I think I would rather have him live this deeply disturbing, sad life that he experienced than a quick death of some sort enforced by the law.

Just like the retired prison guard said, in a creepy way it brought more justice than execution and punished Speck in one of the worst ways possible. This former wannabe bad ass was resorted to a pathetic sex slave and gave up every ounce of pride and dignity that he had. Terrible life to live.


@Stella 1977 I agree. I’m hoping that he realized that though… My ultimate worry is that he somehow convinced himself that it was his option to live that way in an attempt to alleviate his pain… I guess that’s what I meant by the sociopathic manipulation he would do for himself to think he won.

You hope that’s probably not the case but someone capable of that much evil may find a way to find pleasure in the worst case scenario…

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