How to Use the Marquee Tag for Nerds (with a Preamble)

The Simple Version.

With the marquee tag’s interface in the editor it is simple to include marquees in your posts. When using the full editor just click the [Image: marquee.gif] button in the editor toolbar to view a Customize Marquee window. You can select any text or tags in your post before clicking to use it in the marquee.

For Nerds Only.


[marquee=behavior(,)direction(,)width(,)height(,)scroll delay(,)scroll amount]text/tags[/marquee]


or the simple version: [marquee]text/tags[/marquee]
The properties:

behavior –
     scroll – scrolls the contents of the marquee in one direction until outside the border and then loop.
     alternate – scroll in from one side and then change directions when a border is reached.
     slide – scroll in from one direction and stop when the border is reached.

direction –
     left, right, up or down

width – in pixels or a percentage of the post. If left blank or skipped it will default to 100% of the post.

height – in pixels. If left blank it will default to 100% of the content of the marquee.

scroll delay – A value from 0-999 indicating the amount of time to pause on the timer event. The larger the value the slower the scroll.

scroll amount – A value from 0-99 indicating the amount in pixels to scroll the marquee each timer event. The smaller the number the slower the animation.

Tag Versatility.

The tag is designed to be versatile in the way that old DOS commands were. This plugin (it is not really a plugin) basically just ports the HTML <marquee> tag to BB code. So all the default values for the marquee apply if they are skipped.

For example, all of the following tags will work:


  1. [marquee]Hi[/marquee]
  2. [marquee=scroll,left]Hi[/marquee]
  3. [marquee=right,100x20]Hi[/marquee]
  4. [marquee=100 20 12 10]Hi[/marquee]
  5. [marquee=10 10]Hi[/marquee]

1. The most simple form of the tag.

2. Since these are both default values it is the same as 1

3. This time we completely skipped the behavior property. This will still work correctly- scrolling to the right at 100x20px

4. This example skips both the behavior and the direction properties- meaning that the default values are to be used (scroll and left). Notice the absence of the comma (,) separators. They are optional.

In the case of the (x) between the width and height, it is optional or can be replaced with a comma or a space.

5. This time the first four properties are skipped and only the scroll delay and scroll amount are changed.

Take it even further.

All of these following examples will work correctly as well although it is not recommended usage, it is accepted to try to keep the plugin from breaking on typos or missed separators (spaces, commas, x’s)


  1. [marqueealternateright100 20 10 10]Hi[/marquee]
  2. [marquee100 20 10 10]Hi[/marquee]
  3. [marquee slide,down,,,10,10]Hi[/marquee]
  4. [marquee down,100,20]Hi[/marquee]
  5. [marquee=,,,,10,10]Hi[/marquee]

1. Spaces are optional between properties as are all other separators.

2. The = is optional and has been skipped here. The space is used to separate properties.

3. Most properties can be skipped completely, but because of the similar acceptable values of the last four properties, it is best to skip those by using the comma(or x between the width-height) as a seperator.

4. Again the = and behavior are skipped and the marquee is accepted.

5. This is an extreme example of skipping all properties and just changing the scroll delay and scroll amount (speed) of the marquee.

Wildcard is awesome.

Mark Say

It seems you have found a bug in the system. To make it work I had to use:

System Folder

The text apparently has to be longer than the box, because this one seems to work on my end.This one doesn’t work.But this one does……………………………..

[Image: MyUserBar2.gif]

Mark Say

I am looking into it, but I’m afraid it might not get fixed soon as I can’t see a clear way to go.

For now, just use the Marquee UI in the New Reply window . . .

System Folder Say

Here’s a tip: If you want to use the marquee as a frame, just put in a 0 for the scroll amount.

wowcabbage Say

Is there any way to put spaces in between images?

I tried using space tags but to no avail.

snilloc Say

Heres a better tip if you (ME) still cant make it work open some ones work copy put in word take out what the put and BoBs your uncleBoBs my uncle Tongue

wowcabbage Say

Heres a better tip if you (ME) still cant make it work open some ones work copy put in word take out what the put and BoBs your uncle

BoBs my uncle Tongue

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