Hitler Dog

This is Patch, the puppy that looks like Hitler.

This is Patch, the puppy that looks like Hitler


If they hadn’t have included the hitler pic, and took the pic at a slightly different angle, this dog wouldn’t look like hitler, but I’m guessing there’s dog versions of everybody out there if you look hard enough.

Here’s Patch in the right-wing Daily Telegraph:

right-wing Daily Telegraph


Aww, they even lifted his paw up so it slightly resembles a salute. According to the telegraph, he’ll only answer to ‘adolf’ or ‘hitler’ thesedays. I wonder what stormfront make of this dog. Btw, click the telegraph link to see pics of a hitler goldfish and a kittler, although they do point out that a bottle of lotion also resembles hitler. World’s gone bleedin’ mad. 



I can see the resemblance! The black combover of his ear & black mustasche…Not to mention the eyes are set kinda the same way.

The second pic the dog looks concerned a little…Did they say it was a purebred, or is it mixed with jew blood ? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

gh0ster Say

I dont get it

Who’s Hitler?
I dont get it


He invented the dual vibrating buttplug. Also the self-lubing dildoe. He’s a world’s hero!

srijantje Say

not only that,he used to supply laboratory rats to unethical regimes in africa

Spud17 Say

@gh0ster why do you have to gay everything up?

The Pit already has nazi kittehs… trust me, keeping Patch out of there is a good thing.

wildcard Say

Nice thread, Spud. People stop aidzin up this thread or take a vacation /admin

I showed this to a few of my friends and it made for quite a nice conversation piece (Smile Emo)

srijantje Say

if you live in africa you would have another opinion

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