Cannot Post in Fail Can

Hey whats up cannot post there sporkium has me blocked from here and suprbay

Srijantje Say

Just post it here and I can put it in the fail can for youLMAO

Spud17 Say

Lol, no Rant Central member can post in the Fail Can, and you shouldn’t want to – it’s like the toilet for failed threads. Big Grin

I’m not sure why you think sporkium blocking you from another site has anything to do with Account Issues here (if anything, it’s a Site Issue, as only staff can post in the Fail Can), but perhaps it’d be wise to address any issue you have with SuprBay, with the staff of that forum. If by ‘blocked,’ you mean you’re banned, you could always jump on the irc chan for TPB/SB, type a query for staff/crew, and wait for someone to reply to you there.

Thread moved to Site Issues

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