Big, Loud-Ass, Trucks

As many of you know, I live in the south. Around here, every where that you look is a huge, heavily modified truck with tires the size of small planets, and exhaust so loud that they literally hurt your head when they drive by. 😡

This infuriates me to no end. I’m not a flashy individual, so I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want one of these monstrosities. When I’ve asked people about this, or been bitching about it and someone spoke up in defense of these behemoth penis-extensions, they always say they “need” the truck to be that big for off-roading. Fine, if that’s what you like to do, but why don’t you have a different vehicle for driving to work? Must you always drive Grave Digger every fucking place that you go?

When I am on the way home from work, it always seems like a never-ending line of these things booming by in the opposite lane. As they pass, if your window is down, it literally feels like someone is slapping you in the ear drum with a fly swatter.


Are these people younger?

I should take a pic, but here in the great state of Connecticut, one street over there is a yellow and purple older model GMC that looks like bigfoot… Equipped with a confederate flag license plate… This is next door to the house my ex-father-in-law owns; where the dogs that always shit in the yard…

There are a few others, that have the bull balls hanging from the back trailer hitch, so I get what you mean. TBH, here, it’s more Harleys and kids on mopeds that when they go by, you have to stop your conversation since you just can’t hear anything else…

It’s like anything else, people’s egos or just lack of feeling for anyone else. They are the only ones that live, and no consideration for what other’s may be going through. Oh, another big example here is the booming car stereos… I used to have one in the old Volkswagens, but I would at least turn it down when I was at a stop light.

As far as the trucks, its a statement of “hey, look at me”, or “I don’t give a fuck” type of thought, like they are too cool for society, which is fine, but they are too stupid to realize that no one else cares about what they think. Kinda like a real life SJW, pushing their agenda not knowing there can be opinions to the contrary.

Man…I know I’ve picked on you for living in a hillbilly state, but really, at least you are authentic. Here there are either wannabe rednecks or gangsters… The only excuse for off-roading here is that the streets are so pothole-ridden, you need a bigfoot-type truck to ride down the street…

I agree, do what you want to do, but don’t be shocked when you see others are annoyed when they don’t agree with the show-and-tell attitude and don’t really care what the fuck you do… People are arrogant assholes. Kinda like the men who want to be known as women and get mad and knock over stands at the video game store… Do what you want, but don’t think everyone has to accept it because that’s what you want…

Wildcard Say

Mostly. There are some idiots my age and older that are still trying to be “cool” with their huge trucks. These are the same guys that paper their Facebook wall with Ford/Chevy/Dodge sucks memes.

It is mainly youngsters, though…those “daddy’s money” teenagers with a vehicle that cost $40-$50,000 or more.

Don’t get me wrong, when I was a teen I did stupid stuff too. Hell, I do stupid stuff now. I’m just saying that it annoys the fuck out of me. I’m at that age where being unnecessarily loud is always an issue.

Bunny Say

HATE!!!!! The most annoying sound ever!! Don’t get me started. Especially when you’re trying to fucking sleep and they speed down your street at 1am in the morning. I literally wish their motors would blow up!!!!


Off topic about trucks, but on topic about unnecessary noise, I’m reminded today of another noise that’s irritating…

In your area do car alarms go off and the idiot owner finally shuts it off 5 min later?

It’s nice enough to have the windows open, so I’m reminded of this BS.

I’d say where I live the list is:

  1. Alarms
  2. Loud trucks/souped up cars/motorcycles
  3. Car stereos
  4. sirens (police/ambulances), which is not that annoying, but it’s kinda constant.
  5. The ice cream man… I’m adding it because I HATE that song…

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