Anime Ruined My Life

Hedeyasu Say

Now, before you guys who love anime get all angry at me, I just want to say that I don’t have anything against anime, I’m just here to rant about how it ruined most of my social life.

In 4th grade and before that, I was a pretty athletic person, now there weren’t any cliques or anything like that at the time since we were all to young to understand all of that, but most of my friends were athletic people like me. One terrible day, I found anime, I don’t remember how or when, but I just know I found it after 4th grade. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world, and that no other entertainment could hold a candle up to anime.

So I ended up spending more time watching anime than I did with friends, so me and my athletic friends drifted away slowly in 5th grade until we were basically complete strangers. I did still have friends, but they were just school friends, and none of them were very athletic at all. So by middle school (6th grade) I was all about anime, I was like a hardcore fan, I started liking a bunch of anime pages on facebook, drawing it, and posting it.

I did a lot of stupid things and posted a lot of stupid stuff that I cringe about now but I thought it was cool at the time. Well by 7th grade, my life was just dedicated to anime, this was the most dedicated I’ve ever been to anything in my life. I found an anime that you all know, fan or not, Naruto. I started to get an interest in girls, so I wondered, what could I possibly do to make them love me. Oh I know, I’ll just act like Sasuke! I’ll be quiet, get good grades, and never talk, and then the ladies will be all over me.

That was the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my life. I was just this antisocial quiet kid who nobody really cared about. That really backfired. So my life was miserable in 7th grade, and my only friends were people who liked anime too. They were (Don’t kill me for using this term please, I can’t put this in a nicer way) social outcasts, and I was one with them. So I did some stupid stuff in 7th grade too that I also cringe about.

I did want to change near to the end of the school year, but I had lost all social functions pretty much and I couldn’t hold a conversation that wasn’t about anime if my life depended on it. So I decided I would miserably get through the year like I was. So 8th grade came, and I tried my best to be social, more outgoing, and get my athletic friends back, all that good stuff, and I certainly was more outgoing, but that didn’t get my athletic friends back, it didn’t really even get me friends until later in the year.

Now during that summer, I had met this girl who will probably be a completely different rant later on, and I basically opened my heart and soul to her and we knew everything about each other, which was a terrible, terrible thing to do, because when we got into this huge fight, she told all her friends all of my secrets, which included the whole anime thing, so that made everyone that was her friend think that I was just a nerd, which didn’t help me try to get anime out of my life.

By now, I’m trying to get my athletic friends back (who I forgot to mention are now the popular people) but I just forgot how to talk to them. I’m getting closer and closer to being friends with them again, but its not easy at all. My old social outcast friends keep trying to be friends with me and they are really, really annoying and I just want to punch them in the face sometimes, and they’re ruining the image I’m trying to set up for myself.

They keep trying to do embarrassing things in public where everyone can see us. There isn’t a nice way to put this but I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I don’t want to be seen with them for social reasons, and I don’t want to be near them for personal reasons. I do have some athletic friends now, but I don’t know if I can really call them friends.

I talk to them, but only in class, outside of class, they have other, closer friends, but I want to be those other, closer friends, because I miss the way I use to be and I miss my old friends. I wish I could reverse time and stop myself from ever watching anime, my life would be a whole lot better then.

I’m not trying to blame all of my problems on anime, this was mainly my fault, but anime still played a part in it.

srijantje Say

what bullshit is that?trying to set up an image?be yourself,mate,whoever that is and take it from there

Hedeyasu Say

Thing is, I don’t even know who myself is at this point. I use to, but not anymore. Before, in 4th grade and before, that was myself, when I was sporty and loved to be active, and even after that, when I stayed inside all the time watching something, and talking with other people who liked anime, that was still myself, but now I’m in this weird transitioning stage where I’m even trying to find out who myself is.

It’s definitely not with the “friends” who annoy me, and I can’t say right now that it’s with my old friends, as much as I want it to be, and there isn’t really an in between I can go to. But I’ll be sure to be myself whenever I figure out who that is and where he belongs.


Impossible by Manafest


Remember, these social outcast friends you made were because they are just like you in the fact that you watch anime. the athletic kids may watch it, but don’t put as much emphasis on it as you. Say they took you in their inner circle, what would you talk about besides anime?

You need to do a self check and see what will suit your social needs…How can you be yourself ??: Hang with the anime kids who you can trust as closer friends, or keep trying to impress the popular kids (who knows you may get in). But they say a reputation is the easiest thing to get but the hardest thing to get rid of.

Be careful not to burn bridges or you can end up with no one who is really close…

Hedeyasu Say

I’ve gotten past the whole anime phase now, so i can talk about things other than anime, in fact, I don’t even want to talk about it, so staying away from that topic won’t be a problem. And I don’t know what we would talk about, I mean, I have a general idea, but you don’t really plan those things out in advance. I can usually talk to anyone once I get to know them enough.


Ahh well, I guess your other anime friends will have to learn to cope. Do what makes you happy.

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