A Question about the film “Rosemary’s Baby”

I have a definite recollection of seeing the film, “Rosemary’s Baby” in a movie theater around the time it first came out and I clearly recall that right at the end of the film, there was one clear shot of the baby in its crib and I clearly recall a hideous, monstrous-looking baby with a kind of a claw for a hand and horrific scaly skin.

But since then, I have acquired a few versions of this movie and that scene is nowhere to be found.

So, I would like to ask you if any of you recall having seen this movie in the 60s when it first came out and if so, is my memory correct? Or have I somehow confused this film with something else and am I mistaken about remembering that final shot?

It seems to me that shot was kind of the “payoff” shot that made this move a horror film. Without that shot, I would say the film is missing it’s primary horror element.

And so, I just don’t understand and I would very much appreciate if any one here knows anything about this and can shed some light on it for me.

Thank you.

Sporkium Say

something like this?

AliShibaz Say

Well, yes but, the “payoff” shot appeared to be a real human baby.

Or are you just joking? I’m guessing that you are just joking.


Sporkium Say

no. theatrical posters and trailers are designed to either exploit elements from the movie or make shit up in order to get you to give them money.

AliShibaz Say

Oh. I didn’t realize that was an actual poster from the film.

I didn’t know what it was. But it makes sense now.

I’d still love to hear from someone who remembers seeing the film around the time it first came out and who remembers whether my recollection is correct.

I’d also love to know why, assuming I’m correct, why would they pull that scene? It didn’t show any genetalia or anything else that would be considered lewed or offensive and so I just don’t understand why it would have been pulled.

Srijantje Say

i remember seeing the movie but i don’t remember

Mark Say

Its this kind of wisdom that keeps your quotes in my signature LMAO

I have the movie and will watch it a little later to see. It is at the very end you say?

Spud17 Say

Yeah the scene is right at the end. I’ve seen 2 versions of the film myself. One was on dvd and although a baby wasn’t shown, you did see creepy yellow eyes staring out from the darkness of the pram; and the tv version i’ve seen had the eyes bit cut out.

AliShibaz Say

Thank you Spud.

Would you have any guess as to why they would cut that scene in the TV version?

I mean, isn’t that scene extremely important in establishing the film as a horror film and isn’t it kind of the main point of the movie? The main point being that the father of the baby was not human – the father was Satan.

Spud17 Say

I have no idea why the most important scene in the film has been cut from some tv versions, furthermore Ali, you’re not alone. I found many discussions on the net about this and most of them are saying that when it was released, the theatrical version as well as the VHS release contained the missing scene, whereas most dvd ones don’t. This is baffling. Imagine how different the original ‘Planet of the apes’ would be if the statue of liberty scene was cut out. It seems fans are coming up with their own alternate endings anyway…

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