A Fuckboy Broke Me

imsadandpissed Say

ok so idk how to use this site but i’m in class and i need to get this off my mind. there was this guy i was really into from the first time i saw him. we started talking and going on late night walks, and who can blame me? i was in the clouds and so in love. we were a “thing” but not really dating, just cuddling and stuff, and i fell more and more in love with him everyday.

Then this week came around, where i had a lot of shit going on and couldn’t text him as much as i normally did. over the course of that week some other bitch sucked him off and he got a girlfriend?? (the girlfriend wasn’t even the same girl that sucked him off?) and he stopped talking to me (i was still head over heels in love and thought everything was gonna pass and he was the one and such..) AND THEN THEY BROKE UP!

I was so relieved and thought everything would go back to normal but it didn’t, because two days later he was in love with another girl?? and this boy is still my best friend now and i’m so in love with him! but he talks about this new girl like he’s never talked about any other girl and i know i’ve lost him, but everytime i see him my heart breaks??? (she likes him a lot too btw) and i just don’t know if i can handle seeing them together.

I’m not even kidding he is literally an angel and the literal devil all in one and i’ve never loved anyone like i love him.. he’s a fuckboy n i have to let him go but i jus idk how 2.. any advice guys?

wildcard Say

Unfortunately, @imsadandpissed the only way I know to get over someone is to separate yourself from them. Maybe you can be friends again, later, but you are too wrapped up in him to see him any other way than as your bf/so.

I think you have to find a new best friend. Sorry.


NO one can blame you, it happens to all of us… I’ve been broken by a girl many times.

But a better title name should be: I LET myself get broke by a fuckboy. Since we control ourselves. No one can control us unless we give that power to them.

The good news is, if we control ourselves, you can help yourself get over him. Just masturbate to him until if you find someone else… Or, there is always porn.

If you worry about what he does (and who he’s with), you’ll go crazy since that’s out of your control.

If you are really best friends, he may not be taking you for granted, but acting on the friendship he thinks he has… You have to decide to tell him or not, but that may alter your friendship. Looks like you have a decision to make.

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