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Full Version: I can’t fucking deal with society anymore
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I have been wiser and smarter morally than everyone round me my whole life. Im a quiet loner that observes rather than mouthing off at everything. I’m gonna state that now.

But I’m really bothered by so many things that are wrong in society.

I’ll also state that I’m a vegetarian, and I’ve hated consuming animal guts when I was made to as a kid, it was disgusting both morally and I didn’t like the taste.

I think that it’s disgusting that humans act like they’re the center of the world and that so many people think that there’s nothing wrong with consuming living feelings animal guts and flesh.

And the center of the world view everyone has? Some people literally believe that there’s some god out there or some human being floating in the sky. You know, because of course thered totally be a magical human being looking over us we call god, when our planet is just a planet out of a whole universe in one galaxy. When we’re one pathetic species out of tons on earth, and tons out in the universe too.

It’s funny too because humans used to think the sun revolved around the earth.

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But you know what’s really pissing me off? What’s really really pissing me off lately?

The fact that everywhere I go I see people disrespecting Men. Men are treated like shit in society, and myself having being a Man that loves Men and has always loved Men, and loves being exactly that, I see disgusting horrible common trash people treating women like they’re gods when Men are beautiful in every way, not women. women are disgusting.

Disgusting “straight” guys are so blind to Male Beauty it makes me want to kill myself, but not before killing them.

They have no respect for their own gender. They praise women, like making their game avatars female or spraying disgusting female porn sprays in game, when Men are beautiful. They show off that disgusting female shit and praise them by doing that, but never Men.

It disgusts me how they can’t see how beautiful their own gender is, but then they shame other guys for liking their own gender??!? Are you fucking kidding me?

They shame guys for not being blind to their own gender, acting like as if we should also praise disgusting women.

That’s how no respect they have for their own beautiful gender: Men.
You seem well adjusted.
(02-08-2019, 10:57 AM)BitterVoid Wrote: [ -> ]Men are treated like shit in society

Second class citizens...

If we are accused of something, we are instantly guilty. If we accuse a woman of something, she is automatically innocent.

All I ever wanted was the big piece of chicken, for Christ's sake!
(02-08-2019, 11:21 AM)politux Wrote: [ -> ]You seem well adjusted.

He's a vegetarian... Vegetarians (and more so, vegans) are always angry about something

I can see the point that men are the new wave whipping boys... I get that men (especially white men), controlled everything in the past and people are pissed.

But, if we are really evolving as a society, we have to find a way for EVERYONE to get along. People now act as if they are just "teaching men a lesson"

Like WC said, thinking someone is automatically guilty because they are men is just another form of the oppression these people had when they thought men were in control...

They are trying to make us feel that pain, but unfortunately, revenge is NOT a form of evolution. These high and mighty so-called righteous warriors are so blinded by their goals of fighting for their cause of equality they don't realize they are just as bad (if not worse) than the old stigma men use to carry. As smart as they think they are, it's funny they can't see the similarities...

But hey, in a day and age where facts don't matter...who cares, as long as you show people you have an opinion that you are fighting for so you can prove yourself relevant since you have a stance on something...Better to appear interesting than right...

Also funny how OP hates male bashing but is quick to do that to women... Another example of using the same tactics of a side they are disagreeing with since they don;t like the tactics being used... kinda invalidates the points of things...