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Full Version: password
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I need a username and password for a library site called questia.com

i'm in need for a book called Al hind vol.1

vol.2 and 3 no prob.can't find vol.1,[yeah on amazon for a zillion bucks]drives me nuts
can somebody help me,much appreciated
can’t you try a more sensible book like ‘rampaging islamic hordes for dummies’?

i think i have a lead on it... gimme a few hours
first one was a bust... check this out though: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/lweb/digital/...73_001.pdf

you’ll like it
it's actually for an intellectual friend of mine with a big nose

I read everything on rampaging in general

thanks for the trouble,I'll check it out and let you know
It's not the right book but I'm sure it will come in handy

I should have been a bit more specific
author is Andre Wink
title:Al Hind:The making of the indo-islamic world volume 1
there's a website called ACLS humanities ebooks,they have it but I can't get in
Don't have access to those sites.
But the paperback edition appears to be much cheaper (~USD 80). Shipping cost will be a factor though.

Access to a good university library might help. (AMU ?)
yes,that would certainly help,I just need a student to let me in