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    do i need a programme to put pics on a youtube video which already has music on it???

    If you want to download from Youtube etc use the VIDEO DOWNLOAD HELPER ADD-ON for Firefox (if your using Mozilla Firefox).
    Once you have them on your HD, you can use a variety of S/W to edit/add etc to the video.
    My personnal favourite is
    Camtasia is good for both producing new video's and altering pre-existing video.
    there's also video/movie S/W native to Windows such as WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER.
    It doesagood job and has avery user friendly interface but my preferance would still be Camtasia studio.

    Hope this helps.
    ok i'll give that a go,cheers kaiser
    Camtasia gives you more flexibility with the editing process. especially when trying to sync audio, video and still media.
    On first using it it looks complex but is actually very user friendly.
    My advice would be if your creating and producing your own video for the likes of Youtube, produce it in .avi format. i've tried the "recommended" formats and all fall short on either sound or visual quality.

    Below is a neat little piece of S/W to add that little extra to your video creations. I use it to help friends/family add something different to their videos and it's compatible with both camtasia and Windows native video production S/W:

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