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    Any other win 7 users here that have had problems with getting the system to output any mic not just a USB mic. I have tried everything known to mankind but can't get any output .. Nothing but old post on the net and it seems there were thousands and thousands of complaints about the same thing. 8 and 8.1 as well share the same problems. They broke the audio in all these systems and on top of that they even sneaked in some updates that would strip your drivers of certain features, I'm talking about the audio manufacturer included drivers. I pulled my hair out knowing I had record what you hear when I first installed win 7 and then after a short time and updates it just went away, no reason it just went away. Took me a week to find out what had happened and it was indeed an update that removed that feature in software. I found an early Vista driver that brought it back to normal and locked down the update for that particular update. It takes a full time person to keep track of all the underhanded things going on if you allow them to add any updates, it seems they are more damaging than any other source. After all they are the only ones that can go around your virus software and turn things on and off at will. I'm beginning to think there is no fix for this and might as well blow the dust off the old XP machine just to do any voice work then just move it over. It's like going backwards instead of forwards. More than two thirds of my software is win7 reliant and it don't install unless you trick the registry to make it think it's XP, then the file mangling begins if you do that. It's a lost battle XD
    Sounds like you could do with a USB sound card rather than a microphone. There are some barely bigger than a flash drive that deliver amazing quality.
    (12-18-2015, 05:45 AM)SPFreely Wrote:  Sounds like you could do with a USB sound card rather than a microphone. There are some barely bigger than a flash drive that deliver amazing quality.

    Unfortunately those also have problems with win 7 mic input. This is a system problem made at Microsoft and they never fixed it. It wouldn't hurt to try one I suppose, I can always use it with another machine I have if it don't work out. I did see a lot of them on Newegg while I was looking for this USB mic. Now one would think the USB mic is the answer because the system don't need a sound card of any kind to use a USB mic or any other mic and win 7 has it's own built in recorder , just go to start and type sound recorder and your recorder will pop up, I don't know if 8 and 8.1 has it or not. I should try a few more things first because I have a couple morphing programs and they might grab the mic without caring about the sound card. It's really frustrating to buy things and it not work when Microsoft knows the answer they just aren't telling anyone what they did , other than the file system change after XP.

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