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  • weird movie reaction
    so my bf gives me a lot of material to potentially rant about. he's an unusual guy. sometimes when he's venting to me about frustrations in life, he gets scary into it. he doesn't get threatening towards me, but sometimes he seems like he might murder someone over something that others would be able to deal with. anyways, we watched sin city the other night, and he laughed hysterically during most of it. at all of the violence basically. he was really into it, really, really laughing. should I be disturbed by this? did anyone else spend that whole movie cracking up?
    Laughing at violence in general should be disturbing to anyone
    sometimes... violence is just funny.

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    give us an example
    I see where the both of you are coming from, hence my need to ask that question on this forum. I didn't think that Sin City in particular was supposed to be a riot - it's so depraved - not quite Peter Griffin battling a chicken. And during Sin City, it wasn't just chuckles, it was full bodied, leg slapping, full volume laughter. He said it was the ridiculousness, and far fetchedness that made him laugh. Given the context of him seeming to possibly have anger issues, I wasn't sure if this should be a red flag.
    It is really hard to interpret his actions when I know so little about him.

    For instance, what age group is he in? Sometimes younger guys will do very odd things in an effort to impress women gone awry. Acting as if horrific violence is funny to them or actually thinking that it is funny isn't commonplace. In more mature men, it begins to be a red flag.

    I have watched horrific movies and found myself laughing and high-fiving over awesome death scenes or jeer and taunting poorly done kill shots. It isn't the kill that I am excited about as much as the ingenuity of the murderer.
    It's not necessarily disturbing. Certain really violent scenes in movies have made me laugh just because of the way they're directed/performed/whatever. The infamous rape-and-murder scene in Alfred Hitchcock's 1972 film Frenzy, for instance, made me laugh because, while the rape was happening, the actor playing the rapist kept saying "lovely" in this really thick cockney accent. "Lovely... lovely... lovely..." Each "lovely" timed to each thrust.

    It just made me laugh, the way things do when they're supposed to be serious and horrifying but strike you as absurd for whatever reason. Then again, my laughter at that scene may have just been a release of nervous tension, as it is particularly drawn out and nasty, not in what it shows but just the horrible cat-and-mouse game the killer plays with the victim.

    Likewise, I remember watching Red Dragon with my mum and brother, and bursting out laughing at the bit where Philip Seymour Hoffman's character's corpse is set on fire and rolled down a hill in a wheelchair. Again, I think I laughed because the bit is supposed to be serious and horrific, but it's so gratuitous it struck me as absurd.

    With something like Sin City, it's so incredibly stylised that it's hard to take the violence that seriously. It's like a fantasy film in that respect. Did he laugh at the bit where the child molester's testicles are ripped from his body? Because that made me chuckle. You can't not laugh at crayon-yellow balls coming away from a man's groin like silly-puttyBig Grin

    I'd be more disturbed if my boyfriend was laughing through Schindler's List or Midnight Express, or some other "realistic" approach to violence.
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    (03-19-2015, 05:17 PM)fifi Wrote:  should I be disturbed by this?

    No, it's just a movie.

    If your bf collects severed animal bodyparts or has a hobby of attending funerals of people they never knew, then I'd be slightly worried.

    I personally thought the movie sucked balls, but am not going to judge a person who reacts to a film differently from me because that would be projecting how I think the world should run onto others. We all have different experiences and perspectives that make us unique, and you have to consider that not everyone else (and possibly hardly anyone else) will expess themselves in the same way you do.
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    I am a leetle disturbed reading the first few lines of fifi's original post.

    How about we subject the 'subject' to similar movies (*), so that we have more "data points" to be able to draw a more statistically precise answer (I will meanwhile refresh up on 'quantiles').

    (*) - similar movies could come from imdb's recommendations for 'Sin City'.

    The only movies that have evoked a hysterical laughter (mild) are those that have 'Comedy' in the Genre.
    Sin City is marked 'Crime | Thriller' - non-Horror.

    What I think am saying is, it may not be a big issue, but these could be symptoms. So watch/observe him like 'Rose' watches 'Charlie' (2.5 men) :=p
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    (03-21-2015, 04:47 AM)Spud17 Wrote:  ... has a hobby of attending funerals of people they never knew, then I'd be slightly worried.

    I attend such funerals... But only for the free sandwiches and grieving hotties. They're so much easier when they're vulnerable...

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    "Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
    Of the beautiful Annabel Lee." - Poe

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