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  • unbelievable [pedos and other scum]
    what to do with people like this?

    Elderly Australian Accused Of Child...
    A 93-year-old Australian man accused of rape in one of Thailand's...
    As a rule, I don't support the death penalty for various reasons. However, when a paedo grooms, molests, rapes, and takes the innocence of a baby or child, then as far as I'm concerned, that paedo has ceased to be human, and therefore doesn't deserve any human rights at all.

    I personally know a woman whose 8-month old baby was raped by a paedo. That poor kid had to have over 6 operations to save it's life. Life imprisonment is too good for evil twisted fucks like that, and so if I was in charge, I'd hand over all convicted baby rapists to the military testing establishment (Porton Down in the UK, Fort Detrick in the US) to be used as guinea pigs. Medical testing too, animal testing could be abolished and the public would save millions in taxes by not keeping them alive at our expense in jail.

    My views might sound harsh, even shocking, but when you look into the eyes of a mother whose entire world has just collapsed, and when you cry for days in sympathy for a baby/toddler who has almost been ripped apart, then believe you me, your views would probably change too.

    I'm really, really fucking sick of hearing politically-correct whiny bastards saying that we all have rights to this and that, and everyone's a victim and all that bollocks. These same whiny clowns have never known a victim of one of these sick fucks, have never experienced true victimhood, and are so far up their own arse that they don't know how real ordinary people live and suffer. My message to these idiots is: wait til a paedo rapes and assaults your child, then come back and tell me that that person deserves to live.
    solitary confinement for life,much better than shoot the fuckers
    Confinement costs money. I wasn't suggesting they be shot, but have nbc weapons tested on them, and new medical cures and the like, but hey, it's cool that we have a difference of opinion. Smile
    doesn't cost much to put them in a cage and pull them up in a tree,throw them a few pieces of bread every week or so
    SJ you aren't being serious are you? I am on mobile now but it is actually quite expensive to incarcerate someone.
    It shouldn't cost all that much to incarcerate a pedophile.
    If he is put into the general prison population, his life expectancy is quite short.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    in america he wouldn't stand a chance,in europe they'll try to protect them
    Depends if the paedo is connected to power and influence. For those who aren't, they're better off in jail in solitary confinement, because as velvetfog pointed out, their life expectancy in gen.pop. drops significantly. Prison doesn't guarantee the safety of an individual, as the 1990's Strangeways riots show, where several paedos were put into an industrial mincemeat grinder. Also, in parts of Europe, we still have lynch mobs.
    i was wondering,are there women who get convicted for paedophilia?or is it a pure"male"thing

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