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  • ughhhh grandma
    Well, Imma start by saying I'm 16 years old. Didn't see any age restrictions so I moved on with the registration.

    Anyways, we were recently kicked out by our landlord who said that she had to move back in because of her divorce. We said "ok, sorry to hear that" and decided to move in with my grandma for a few months. Turns out that she just wanted to rent to a friend of hers and she didn't even move in. That's not what I'm ranting about, but she did openly claim to be a "religious Christian woman". How ironic.

    Few months passed. Still there. Even more... still here. We've been here for over a year now. We've looked at places, but they either sell or rent to someone else or completely out of our price range... or we just don't like it.

    Here comes the fun part. It started off with my grandma coming home from work and complaining about how filthy the house was. The only thing out of place was her cup of coffee from that morning and the floor hadn't been vacuumed yet. Not only that, but I had literally just got home 5 minutes ago from school. I said whatever, vacuumed, and went on with my day.

    It progressively got worse and worse. She would bitch about every damn thing she could think of. How a pillow on the couch was crooked, or how the sink if full of dishes and she just complains and stacks hers on top. Then she gets all in a fit when she sees a gnat or an ant saying how filthy it all is.

    Funny part is, my uncle came to visit from Oklahoma and he's a neat person just like my grandma tries to be. He walks in and says "You know mom made it seem like this place was a complete pile of garbage, but it's actually quite clean." That's when it struck me that she just complained to be complaining.

    From there it escalated to me yelling at her to do the dishes or even wash her OWN dish. Then it got really bad. She'd come home from work and set in her chair all day watching Fox news and old western shows. She'd sit and wait for either my mom, my sister, or I to walk past into the kitchen and ask to get her something. She started to yell for me to let the dogs out from all the way in my room, when she could literally get up, let em out, and sit back down in 7-8 seconds max. One time she actually kept calling my name for 10 minutes while I had headphones on while the dogs were barking at her to let them out. I bitched about that and she said that she was almost 70 years old and worked all day and is tired. We got into an argument and my mom walked in and yelled at me for having no respect for my grandma and having no compassion.

    I'm the kind of guy that'd give the shirt off my back for somebody, but I'm not going to do it for someone who's too lazy to take care of themselves. My mom tells me I should suck it up because it's her house, yet my mom is paying almost ALL the bills plus her car insurance so she can pay some lawyer to fight her bankruptcy! She's the reason we haven't even moved out yet! Moving in with her was suppose to save us money and instead, we have less.

    I get it. I know she's my grandma and that she is almost 70 years old. What I don't get is how is she gonna live on her own after we move out? How is she gonna be able to keep the house clean like she wants it when she won't lift a damn finger now? I understand getting old and worn out, but doing absolutely NOTHING but sit in a chair all day? I mean, my grandma on my dad's side is almost 80 and she still lives on a farm chasing chickens!

    My mom can't really do much because she is hardly able to even walk a short distance without being out of breath or dizzy. She has had open heart surgery 3 times and is fighting marfans. She has a legitimate excuse.

    It's even gotten to the point where she's too lazy to go through the McDonalds drive thru to grab a sandwich... so she goes all day without eating until I get home from school and make her something to eat.

    We just had an argument before I started ranting. She yelled for me to let the dogs out, then I went back to my room and put on my headphones and eventually forgot about the dogs. I remembered about 15 minutes later and walk out and the dogs are back in and she gets mad at me for letting them out and not letting them back in. On the other hand, she tells me to let them back in ALL the time. I called her lazy and she started cursing and screaming. I just stood there laughing. I wasn't mad because we've done this far too much for me to even get mad. It wouldn't change anything. She called my mom, who was with my sister at her apartment, and told her she needs to get on me. I laughed even more and eventually my mom called my phone and told me to stop. So she can dish out stuff and I can't get mad, but she can't even take her own medicine...? I argued with my mom and she basically said I had to be the adult to a 70 year old woman. She proceeded to make childish noises and mocking me.

    I just want some opinions on this. I know I shouldn't yell at her. But she shouldn't be so damn lazy, even if she is tired. There's plenty of other people who have it worse than her and trust me, she used this excuse a lot saying people my age should have energy to do anything. How is she gonna survive and take care of a dog when we leave? If she's that bad off as she says, then she needs to go to a nursing home and quit working.
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    get out of there as soon as you can
    a year? a whole year? gtfo...

    i don't even like it when people stay over for more than two days. a fucking year? i'd murder all of you in your sleep... blame it on the dog.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    You come across a very mature person for someone your age. It is reflected in your writing.

    Since you say your mum is unwell, it is important that you be of support and comfort to her.
    It would help her a great deal.

    As regards grandma, well people _generally_ grow grumpy when they grow old.
    Some are understanding. Some are not.
    It could be the case of "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" problem.
    Just bear with it till your mum says you can move to a better house.
    Am sure your mum, knows how you feel.

    Your mum is probably having to take a lot of things into consideration, for your and your family's welfare.
    At 16, I was not aware of the troubles my parents went through to give me a comfortable life. Now I know better.

    Tolerance is a great virtue, when practiced correctly.

    Never lose your temper :-)
    Good times will come. Be hopeful.

    Staying on RC (here) is one good way :-)

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash

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