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  • the hunt for christopher dorner
    for those of you familiar with what's going on in california right now, every law enforcement agency in the state is participating in the man-hunt for former lapd officer christopher dorner.

    now, i can't approve of the murdering of innocent people, but this guy said he wants to kill lots of los angeles cops and has already shot a few... and i can't help but smile. i'm pretty familiar with the lapd -- mainly from being held at gun point or with a boot on the back of my head -- and they suck so hard.

    here's the story:

    ABC Wrote:(LOS ANGELES) -- The effort is intensifying to locate Christopher Dorner, a highly-trained former Los Angeles police officer who is believed to be on a rampage to kill his former colleagues.

    Police officers say Dorner has now become their worst nightmare -- a heavily armed man with the same training they have, plus a military background.

    As the search continues, law enforcement officials are wondering whether Dorner has been engaged in diversionary tactics -- leaving a trail of false bread crumbs.

    "He's extremely dangerous," said San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon at a news conference on Friday. McMahon said that his officers, along with law enforcement and the FBI had been searching for Dorner all night, even with SWAT teams in snowcats on California's Bear Mountain.

    Police are trying to figure out if Dorner deliberately dropped his wallet and his LAPD badge in San Diego, where earlier in the week he allegedly attempted to steal a boat to flee to Mexico.

    "He knows what he's doing," L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck told reporters. "We trained him. He was also a member of the armed forces. It is extremely worrisome and scary, especially for the police officers involved."

    In a "manifesto" attributed to Dorner posted on the Internet, the former cop boasts about his combat skills, writing that he will utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance and survival training he had been given in the LAPD, and in his career in the Navy.

    Dorner is believed to be heavily armed, possessing an assault rifle and other weapons. Dorner also claims to have a .50 caliber rifle, which fires bullets five inches long -- capable of piercing bullet-proof vests, cutting through cars and some armored vehicles. Sources say it is likely that Dorner has such a rifle. The combination is concerning since Dorner's LAPD trainers rated him an "expert" sharpshooter with a .9 millimeter handgun, and "marksman" with an M-16 rifle.

    Dorner has already cut a wide path of destruction. Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference Thursday that Dorner "ambushed" two Riverside, Calif., officers as they sat in their squad car at a traffic light in the early morning hours. One officer, a 35-year-old, 11-year veteran of the force, was killed. His 27-year-old partner was seriously wounded.

    Dorner is also wanted in the killings of Monica Quan and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, who were found shot to death in their car Sunday night, according to Irvine, Calif., police chief David L. Maggard. Quan is the daughter of a retired LAPD official, and Dorner allegedly threatened him and his family, among others, in his manifesto, according to police.

    Now the manhunt for Dorner is in overdrive, and one source tells ABC News that just about anyone with a badge in southern California is looking for him. Local law enforcement agencies have activated "Code Alex," which triggers local police agencies to take up pre-planned observation posts as part of a mutual aid plan.

    U.S. Marshals have obtained a federal warrant for Dorner's arrest and Thursday the FBI executed a search warrant in Las Vegas at a property Dorner is believed to have owned in the past.

    Some officials hope that there will be a breakthrough soon, given the surge in media coverage. Dorner’s face is everywhere; his friends and associates are being run down. His resources are thought to be dwindling. He lost his car, he lost his wallet, and he can't use credit cards. As one law enforcement official put it, "His world is getting smaller every minute."

    Read On ABC News Radio: http://abcnewsradioonline.com/national-n...z2KOZ5DCUQ

    now, i assume a lot of you are going to google this and read shit like, "entire region on edge" or "california in grips of terror..."

    don't buy the hype.

    the only people even scared for their lives right now either wear badges or are close proximity to one... and it shows as the lapd is currently shooting at anyone who even looks like dorner or drives a similar vehicle.

    at this moment, i would like everyone to 'pray' for the safe apprehension of dorner and that the fbi or the federal marshals are the one's to catch him because you know if a california cop gets their corrupt, little fangry and itchy trigger fingers on him, he will be executed on the spot.


    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    i'm no cop lover,let them kill each other off I'd sayBeg
    I've been following the story on another forum... for anyone interested, here's Dorner's manifesto.

    For those who can't be arsed reading the text, Dorner is basically saying: "I'm off my mofo head, gunna go mad, blah blah police brutality, come at me bro."

    Fuck the police. They shot at that truck over 30 times. How stupid are they to fire that much ammo before realising the 2 old ladies were not a big bald black guy? 3 bystanders were also reportedly shot.

    On a side note, Dorner once found $8000 in a bank bag and gave it to the cops.
    Well I did bother to read it what a fucking idiot he is.

    He has either gone totally medically insane or he is out of his mind on something , either way my guess is he won’t be arrested and taken to court he will be shot dead for his rampage!

    Will he be missed?

    Will you remember his name?

    Another cop gone bad!

    c'est la vie
    come on,crazy idiots shot at a truck that matched the suspects vehicle,those guys are insane
    to live and die in la...

    to add to the drama... all the motorcycle cops have to ride in cars until dorner is in custody (in lapd talk, 'in custody' means 'dead') and they have to use the buddy system... Rolleyes

    they are making dorner out to be some type of special forces expert or something in all their press conferences... he's a beat cop with some reservist experience.... the lapd needs to grow a collective set of nuts.

    THIS IS WHY WE NEED GUNS... the lapd is fucking useless unless of course they are beating down an unarmed and defenseless suspect... on a side note, traffic is great today as all the traffic cops cops are too busy hiding instead of handing out their 5mph over the speed limit ticket bullshit.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    (02-09-2013, 04:14 PM)sporkium Wrote:  .

    ... on a side note, traffic is great today as all the traffic cops cops are too busy hiding instead of handing out their 5mph over the speed limit ticket bullshit.

    eyah,everybody needs to be armed,so they can blast away at anybody who remotely looks like dornerBig Grin
    This is Christopher Dorner:
    [Image: vh61.jpg]

    Looks like 2 old ladies right? Anyone who looks like Dorner may have a better chance of survival if they stay indoors. Anyone who doesn't resemble him should also stay indoors.

    Dorner's truck is a 2005 Nissan Titan... sp police shot at a Toyota Tacoma, which isn't even in the same class of pickups. See all those bullet holes near the head rest? What happened to establishing a positive ID? The cops must have seen the truck and thought 'spray that mofo with lead!'

    [Image: vh65.jpg]

    I can't see Dorner being captured alive because of the implications about cover-ups and widespread corruption. In a few years, a drone strike will probably be executed if something like this happens again.

    Dorner already has a fan club and facefuck support.... and memes

    [Image: vh64.jpg]

    [Image: vh63.jpg]

    he's being called the dark knight, and chocolate rambo on the interwebz
    [Image: vh62.jpg]
    Dorner rambles on about all kinds of crap in his manifesto, giving the thumbs-up to Ellen Degeneres ("Ellen Degeneres, continue your excellent contribution to entertaining America and bringing the human factor to entertainment. You changed the perception of your gay community and how we as Americans view the LGBT community."), Christopher Waltz from Django Unchained ("Christopher Walz, you impressed me in Inglorious Basterds. After viewing Django Unchained, I was sold."), and makes clear he's no christain ("He stated as good Christians we are to turn the other cheek as Jesus did. Problem is, I'm not a fucking Christian and that old book, made of fiction and limited non-fiction, called the bible, never once stated Jesus was called a nigger.") I can hear people talking about the movie already... LL Cool J anyone?
    [Image: bad-image.png]
    The latest update on the BBC is that;

    Christopher Dorner: LAPD may reopen sacking probe

    Los Angeles police have said they will re-examine the sacking of fugitive former officer Christopher Dorner, suspected of killing three people.

    LAPD Makes Offer To Fugitive Suspect
    LAPD officials say they will re-examine why fugitive former...

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