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  • TV the decline of the history channel
    for those of you familiar with subscriber based television in the united states, you might have noticed that our so called 'educational alternative' channels suck.

    originally, the science, discovery, the learning channel and history were pretty great. at any time of the day, you could tune in and learn something. now-a-days, they all broadcast reality tv based-nonsense.

    i don't have a gripe with reality-tv no matter how tasteless and full of malinformation it is. what i have a problem with -- in particular -- is the history channel attempting to pass off "the 300" and "troy" as quazi documentaries that depict periods in history. no. actually, that is just one thing i have a problem with.

    recently, over the memorial day weekend, the history channel aired it's mini-series "the hatfields and the mccoys'' and since it was on the history channel, the vast majority of people who reviewed this pile of shit claimed it to be a 'historically accurate portrayal of the conflict and the time period.'

    what they didn't see was that on tuesday, the history channel aired a two hour documentary of the same name that basically said the movie was totally inaccurate and they changed some of the events because it made a better movie... and the sponsors liked it better.

    i will therefore be canceling my tv service as it is all basically garbage... even the sci-fi channel which has made some shows i really enjoyed.

    from this point on, i will be illegally downloading all the shows i watch as i do not feel i should be paying for scripted reality tv, pseudo-educational content and the rest of the garbage i don't watch and no longer wish to pay for.

    p.s. i only watched myth busters because of kari byron. other than that... myth busters can go bust itself too. adam and jaime are god damn idiots... the sugar in the gas tank does not stop the engine by getting into the combustion chamber... it clogs the filter, thus cutting off the flow of gas.

    don't spread false information, chodes. if you can't conduct experiments correctly, don't even bother.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.

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