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  • surgery!!
    I'm one of those that freak out when the doctor says surgery. I've had only 5 in my lifetime and to me that seems like a lot!!

    Why it freaks me out:

    1. Ever since my dad passed away when I wake up and I am still groggy from the anesthesia I still think my dad is alive until the meds fully wear off. Then I realize he is dead and I have an overwhelming sadness that washes over me AGAIN! I know that seems weird but it happens. Also I had surgery 5 months after I got married. Woke up and didn't remember I was married for about 15 minutes.

    2. I think about what if they got the wrong charts and performed the wrong surgery?? OMG!

    3. I think about what I would do if I woke up during surgery? That happened to my om once before! It was crazy!

    I do realize some surgeries have to be done to sustain our life and make us healthy. But I still get the heebee jeebees when I think of surgery.

    Have you ever had surgery or have a surgery story? Does surgery freak you out?
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    I've had 3 over my forty years of live:

    2 surgeries for testicular cancer (probably from all the roids).

    The first was to remove what became my (not shittin) lemon sized right nut. I say lemon because the tumor made it shaped oddly that way... That went well. In and out the same day... Before you idiots get creative, just know that I've already heard all the 1 nut jokes from my friends after my first surgery... One good one was about me & my one ball, and my dad with his one eye (he lost it in the war) was a phone message from one of my friends, saying something like "Hey Cyclops!! Hey Uniball, Jesus Christ shits falling off you two guys, look in your underwear to make sure you still got cocks!!

    The second surgery was because I was a stage 4 cancer patient. The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes...I don't remember all of the numbers, but I do know that for cancer checking, my levels were way high.

    The second surgery they had to cut my belly wide open to remove the affected lymph nodes...I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days after to recoup...I do remember getting skeeved out by thinking: "What if they put me under but I'm still awake??" I've heard cases of that happening, the patient can't move or speak during surgery but knows everything that's going on...that's what came to me for the last few seconds before I went out. Luckily, that didn't happen, & I was made available to all the Percocet's I can handle.. This was 1999

    Third was in 2010. I was powerlifting with no roids, strong as ever and got what I thought was a hernia...It felt like I swallowed a bag of knives and it was fucking with my intestines and stomach.. Come to find out I had an abscess in my colon that burst, which was starting to filter through me; causing me to start sepsis... I remember them telling me for that surgery I wouldn't be put out, but they'd numb me enough so I couldn't feel it... It was cool laying down, watching my surgery on the tv (they did it in a cat scan machine), I saw the needle poke the abscess then drain it... pretty cool.

    I guess Brock Lesnar went through something very similar...I was on a high protein, low carb diet.. My protein was from powder so I wasn't getting any ruffage... so not many bowel movements...Which is what may have caused the abscess to form...He said in an interview that was pretty much his diet too. The only difference was the bacteria in my abscess was a weird, hard to kill type, so I was walking around the house with IV antibiotics in my arm.. Every 8 hours...
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    Wow you've been worked on like a lab rat. Bless ur heart. I was sliced open on my stomach too for cancer. Female cancer. Luckily mine didn't spread to my lymph nodes. I was extremely blessed. But I can't have kids now. And I've only been married 4 years and never had kids. Sad but I'm thankful it didn't spread bc they also found a mass in my uterus and a tumor on my ovary. So glad all that is behind me. The weird thing about those surgeries are as soon as I awoke from the surgery I immediately started feeling better. They ended up giving me 8 bags of blood. Wow.

    Bunnies are better
    That sounds like a lot to go through!!! Ya, I couldn't have kids either after my 1st surgery. My testosterone was so fucked up from the roids, the chances of me having a kid were like a million to one. I ended up (as another minor surgery) having a vasectomy just to get rid of any chance... Although my testosterone was slowly repairing itself, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I knew we weren't going anywhere, and I adopted her son as my own (I hate the term step-son). In addition a lot of people...(ask @velvetfog & @sporkium), that it's probably in the best interest of society that I not be able to reproduce... I have no regrets...
    [KnockOnWood]I'm lucky enough to have never needed surgery…so far.[/KnockOnWood]

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