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  • stereotypes?
    P3LL - I get the Italian thing. I am a southern born American. my wife is Sicilian. great family. loud when you get them all together tho. Love them to death. crazy as hell.

    since I am from Alabama, people generally think I'm a redneck. I can hang out with rednecks but I am an outsider in those types of circles.

    Fistfull of xanax
    Jeez... but I bet people who see you with rednecks or see you as a red neck are missing out on your inner core which is much more valuable, just because the choose to "judge the book by it's cover".

    I guess I look a little like the actor Danny Aiello... Once I was in a suit for a funeral, and these two guys looked at me then looked away. I guess they didn't think I'd look back, but I did, I could see the reflection in the window of the store across the street That one of them did that "bend your nose, mafia thing". I just laughed it off...what else could I do? I should have went up to them and asked what size shoes they wore (with a bag of cement in my hand). But then I'd be dragging on the stereotype.
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