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  • Food [split] [split] Worst restaurant and takeout experiences
    Okay, I suppose I ought to get around to some serious ranting on Rant Central (I don't know, the unreasonable demands of some peopleXD ). Anyway, I have a few noteworthy experiences to mention. First of all, you can expect to wait a little for somebody to seat you in a busy restaurant, but try being made to wait over 10 minutes in a completely empty restaurant, while the staff piss around behind the bar having a good laugh. Rest assured I walked out cursing my ass off at the top of my lungs and hopefully that resonated with the one or two diners there who thought they were going to have a good experience.

    My second experience is in a cafe that is just down the road from where I work and thank god there is a nearer cafe that prioritise a friendly service, because these stuck up assholes certainly didn't. I would just like to say there are plenty of friendly, good people that have come to the UK from Eastern Europe, but for however many of them I meet, I always meet one or two that have a chip on their shoulder and think they are something special. I don't go into these cafes and treat the staff like I have a golden sceptre shoved up my ass and the need to enslave humanity, so why do I get such attitudes, whether subtle or not so subtle directed towards me? I just want a coffee which I happen to be paying for with my hard earned money and I didn't realize a member of staff had the authority to determine if my custom is of less value than somebody else's. If I get that attitude at least serve me a drink once in a while that doesn't have a fruit fly floating in it. Now I'm fully fired up I could unload more, but hopefully this will motivate some of you to pull your finger out and contribute for a change.Tongue
    the owner was probably not around so nobody felt inclined to do anything,very common in the sort of establishments I think you ended up in
    Went into a restaurant before, it was pretty local and claimed it had Michelin stars...not that I cared for those stars but I would presume there's some quality in the food.
    We ordered food from the menu and when we picked some veg from it, the waitress asked us what veg and I asked her to list what's available. She listed some and I picked - simple stuff. She didn't mention at all during that time that there is an additional charge for the one I picked and then sneakily put that onto my bill. When I asked why I was charged an extra for what I ordered when they listed the veg to me and it was considered by the receiving party that all veg was equal in value and no extra charges were mentioned, they said it was standard and all the bull crap.
    What a bloody black shop that just cons tourists! Geez I wasn't even going to consider myself a tourist since it was a neighbouring 'city' - (Is Macau considered a country?!).
    Anyway, turns out they aren't also Michelin starred but more like recommended - thank god for that, can't have this crap being on the same level as them!!! If I compare their food with a confirmed 1 star Michelin that I frequent (with a reasonable price tag too!!!), then it's barely edible!

    The mad Wolf rages on.
    [Image: wolf_sketch_persona___header_by_christohpera.jpg]
    So to complete a full meal you had to pay extra? Sounds similar to one of those god awful Gourmet Burger Kitchens that I've been to. They can charge extortionate amounts for a single burger and with those prices you would expect sides like fries, but those are additional costs. Anyway, I hope you've discouraged people from going there if they've made soundings of going to Macau.
    being a culinary professional (again), i can tell you all the insider secret that we follow in the business: we rarely care; not to say we don't care, but the average customer is a silly fickle creature that can't tell the difference between a rare steak and a vagina. so long as you aren't pissing out of your ass, we regard it as mission accomplished.

    the only customers we really pay special attention to are kids, old people, pregnant chicks and sick people (especially lunatics)... the old people is less about being more vulnerable to illnesses... it's because if it's not exactly what they ordered, they will send that shit back and most of the time, they will send it back even if it is exactly what they ordered. as for the lunatics... we cut down on cheese and picked items... it seems to make their axis all wonky.

    special orders suck.

    take out orders release us from liability.

    michelin ratings are worthless... we don't need a tire company to tell us we rock.

    gastro-pubs are for suckers.

    mixologist is just a fancy term for lacking talent worthy of promotion.

    there's more, but i'm tired.

    there is an place i like to go in malibu that is right on the beach and usually serves the best fried calamari i've ever had but last time i was there, i was really disappointed to find that my calamari was over cooked and the cocktail sauce tasted like ketchup... but seeing how the place was packed beyond capacity and there was a line out the door, it's understandable... so no worries.

    restaurants are a lot like people: a lot of them suck and the ones that don't suck even have their share of bad days.

    ever have to wait for what seems like an extraordinary amount of time and a sit down restaurant?

    eight times out of ten, it's because some jackass(es) placed a really obnoxious order before yours and the cooks are scrambling to put it together (usually a party over 8... no reservation).

    the rest of the time: someone got sick, it was an unusually busy day, the drains got backed up and now there is raw sewage spewing into the kitchen from the septic system... whatever... something got used up and needed to be prepped so that something got eighty-sixed and the server put in an order for it anyway because at the end of the day, the only thing servers care about are tips and now it's a mad rush prep it and cook it (having to tell a customer that something they ordered is not available is really embarrassing... so if it gets ordered and you can make it, you make it.


    i'm tired.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    I can't stand watching food preparation when people are playing with it using their hands, just makes me cringe. yuk.. It's been several years ago but I saw a news clip on evening news one time showing this clown working in a Burger King and he was in the back area separating sliced cheese, the guy would lick his damned fingers each time he lifted a slice of cheese from the stack, made you want to give him a good slap for each slice ... another yuk, I'd rather eat from a can

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