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  • [split] Stupid Canadian TV related stuff
    Earlier in this thread, I complained how stupid some of the news media in my city was because they told people to do things that most could not possibly do during a power failure - such as checking the news media's web site to get more info.

    Well, I would like to provide you with two links to some of my local meda outlets - not necessarily because they are acting stupidly - but because you may get a laugh from them.

    The first link is to the major TV news station in Toronto and it asks the question, "Would you donate your hands, or your face?" It's similar to being an organ donor but they are referring to your your hands and face as organs. I don't think they really are organs. But that's not the point. I got a laugh from the doctor (named Suzanne McDiarmid) in the story who was quoted as saying, "Joe Blow is not going to know that now an organ is defined as also including a hand or a face." I doubt that many of the newcomers to this country will even know who is "Joe Blow".

    I would wager that a fair percentage of newcomers to this country will have never before heard the name "Joe Blow" and that could result in some very funny questions when people ask someone, "Do you know who is Joe Blow?" They might just as well ask, "Do you know who is "Joe McDiarmid" (the doctor's last name is "McDiarmid").

    Would You Donate Your Hands, Or Your
    Face? UNOS To Set Policies For Transplants

    The second link discusses, "How to avoid the deadly risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. Reading through this excerpt, you might wonder whether we are a bunch of "hicks". People who have recently appeared in the media just seemed kind of dim to me. Like I say, you may get a laugh from it. I would just suggest that you skim through it and see if anything interests you.

    Ice Storm 2013: How To Avoid The
    Deadly Risks Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    P.S. I would have re-written the above line, "Joe Blow is not going to know that now an organ is defined as also including a hand or a face."
    as follows: "Most readers of this story will not understand that UNOS is referring to hands and faces as organs."
    (This post was last modified: 12-26-2013, 05:19 PM by AliShibaz.)

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