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    Help Request [solved] Appreciation for your organization
    I'd just like to say that I very much appreciate the way you have organized this site.

    Whenever I join a new forum, I find that I usually spend hours trying to figure out where help files and FAQs are and how to get back and forth between them.

    But this forum is very clean and well organized. It's easy to see how many forums there are and what the purpose of each one is and then to jump to a specific forum.

    It's all very easy and although that may not seem like very much to you, it's a real pain when things are not clearly laid out.

    For example, I'm considering posting a rant about some movies. Seems to me this would be an important thread to have here - one where people can share the names of films they really like and also those they really don't like. In that way, people can then go and D/L the movies that other people have recommended.

    It seemed very easy to see there was no such thread here yet. But, oh my! Will I ever be embarassed if it turns out there is such a thread.
    never mind,just start the thread,embarasment is the second name of the forum
    Don't be embarassed:

    Films You've Watched Recently
    Post movies that you seen recently. Describe the movie well and...

    Movies That Suck
    127 Hours is the most painful movie next to Repo Men that I have...

    Must-Have Movies
    So what is the movie that you just have to watch at least twice a...

    Feel free to chime in Big Grin

    Wildcard is awesome.

    Thread Closed

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