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  • shit dentist
    I got scammed in the same way when I tried a new dentist a few years ago.

    I walked in on account of some tooth pain and the first thing the dentist did was to have his assistant clean my teeth. I protested saying, "But I didn't make an appointment for tooth cleaning. I'm in pain. Can you see to the pain first and if that works out then you can clean the teeth."

    Well, the dentist had to keep this little scam going and so he said, "What? You expect me to work on a dirty mouth""

    Heh Heh. If only he knew me like you all know me.
    (08-18-2014, 08:40 AM)snilloc Wrote:  
    (08-18-2014, 07:21 AM)radiobox Wrote:  ^ There's an article in today's paper asking for a similar such thing in my country. Well written.

    Been looking thru dental books and am still awaiting, with pain in my mouth, for my dental appointment. . /sick

    So whats the normal waiting time when your in pain? If it's really bad pain and rather than you sit in a waiting room crying and moaning they will (admittedly you would have to kick up a fuss) if you shout long enough either fill it or whip it out same day.

    Another great thing about our healthcare service is that there are private clinics too. Most of the doctors who work there also work at the NHS. Although the wait time for some things (like braces or scans) can take a while, in private clinics you can pay and have them done much sooner.

    As for your post, I wouldn't know. I'd take paracetamol/aspirin and book in asap. If you're clearly in pain, they'd probably see you in front of the other appointments, but I can't be sure.

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