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  • Music rubbish.
    Before you dismiss this post as trolling I urge you to use an open mind. OK so there's actually a lot of background that goes with this but the general idea is pretty simple, I completely hate all music, I can't relate to it, I can't relate to people in general and music makes me want to kill myself.
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    I can't imagine not being into music. But then again, you probably can't imagine liking it.

    I'm sure there are more people than yourself who hate music, @jerkoff but you'd have to agree with that you are in the small minority. For most of us, music (of some kind or another) is nice. For some it is life-altering.

    Do you sometimes wish you could enjoy it like other people do?
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    Music saved my life many times...Now I can see why you harbor so much negative feelings. It's your right to not like music, but what else. Do you like looking at pictures?? Some of the nasa pic I see of planets and galaxy's soothe me because I know we are not the only ones out here in the universe.
    I comic I like Joe Rogan (look him up, He thinks kinda like how I think). He says the universe loves you.

    Me battling depression, causing it to ruin my life and my family's life...And when I hear that... I know I can do better. I MUST do better for my family, for my universe that loves me... I know I have a big ego but put in its place...I have to do better because there is more out there than me...

    Do you look at art? Buildings can be art...Cars can be art..Art to me is something that makes you happy when you look at it. What makes you happy when you look at it?
    When I was younger, I'd say in my mid to late twenties all the way up through my mid thirties even I like stened to music, I won't say I enjoyed music but I played the shit out ta music. For me I see music as a fucking ball and fucking chain, its always the same shit over and over. Break ups or somebody's an ass hole, or somebody died. I mean as a fucking looser the last thing I fancy is the radio because people can turn it on and here's a guy reminding them of what a peice of shit I am. Its like every song ever written about a dirt bag pertains to me and always will ya know. Besides all that its like a fucking label, how many times has someone asked you what you listen to, I mean fuck off, the choices are limited, hip hop, nu metal, heavy metal, rap, r an b. That's about it and they all hate bastards like me so why fucking listen.
    I know how you feel yeah, the lyrics of the "pop" songs are all about how much the "artist" can insult, abuse, degrade, and show how much better their life is. I don't really listen to any music that has these bullshit lyrics, I prefer classical or just instrumental songs.

    "Did you really think I was the demon? The Demon of Empire City?"
    yeah,I can relate to that,I like good and clever lyrics but in the end it's the "melody"that does it for me,brings out the melancholy
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    Maybe you'd like a song like this?

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    I think I can see the points being made by the other posters. For that I'll say this:

    I love the band call Rammstein. Why. the music they make , bass, guitar electronics, are phenomenal. but there words make no sense to me as I do not understand German. But I can take all I want from them and just vibe to escape the absolute hopelessness hell that is my brain.

    You say you don't like music, do you have any outlets you do like? Running, computing? I'm concerned as everyone needs a release? even porn. Although I don't watch as much as I used to ...
    yes,folderol,something like that

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