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    »» +Muffy waves her magic wand
    <+Muffy> sim sala bim bam ba sala du sala dim.. zeb is now a person!
    12<03+15Baxter12> french ze fries!
    12<03+15Baxter12> but more on that story later but that's just one bot's opinion
    12<03+15Baxter12> May I come now?
    12<03+15Muffy12> No, wait
    12<03+15Baxter12> Too late.
    12<03+15Baxter12> Sorry about your dress
    03<12@03s_vague> ha
    [08:51] <@Wildcard> yes beech
    [08:51] <@Wildcard> u r uber slut beech
    [08:51] <@HTorr3ntz> maybe in the dumbass country you are from
    [08:51] <@Wildcard> i keel u
    [08:51] <@HTorr3ntz> but not here
    [08:51] <@Wildcard> i fuk ur face
    [08:51] <@Wildcard> twrice
    [08:52] <@HTorr3ntz> no you dont
    [08:52] <@Wildcard> 2x3 =twrice
    [08:52] <@Wildcard> lolol
    [08:52] <@HTorr3ntz> so they dont give good math lessons either in your dumb ass country?
    [08:52] <+Baxter> dumb ass-country
    [08:52] <@Wildcard> what iz a mathz?
    [08:52] <@HTorr3ntz> exactly baxter
    [08:52] <@Wildcard> 4x4=queer
    [08:52] <@HTorr3ntz> well its not drugs
    [08:53] <@HTorr3ntz> 1+1= Dumb Ass Country where wildcard lives
    [08:53] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country.
    [08:53] * @Wildcard suks HTorr3ntz dik but stops just before he comes and hits him with a brick
    [08:53] <@HTorr3ntz> shut the fuck up baxter
    [08:53] <@HTorr3ntz> yes yes dumb ass country lover
    [08:53] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-country.
    [08:53] <@HTorr3ntz> wtf is wrong with Baxter
    [08:54] <@HTorr3ntz> Dumb ass Country
    [08:54] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country.
    [08:54] <@HTorr3ntz> Dumb ass Country
    [08:54] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country.
    [08:54] <@HTorr3ntz> Dumb ass Country
    [08:54] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Countrypreciouses
    [08:54] <@HTorr3ntz> Dumb ass Country
    [08:54] <@Wildcard> wtf
    [08:54] <+Baxter> basically, Dumb ass-Country
    [08:54] <@HTorr3ntz> Dumb ass Country
    [08:54] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country.
    [08:54] <@HTorr3ntz> Dumb ass Country
    [08:54] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country
    [08:54] <@HTorr3ntz> Dumb ass Country
    [08:54] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country
    [08:54] <@HTorr3ntz> Dumb ass Country
    [08:55] <@HTorr3ntz> ROFL
    [08:55] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country.
    [08:55] <@HTorr3ntz> baxter stop spamming
    [08:55] <@HTorr3ntz> Wildcard i dont know what the fuck happent, but baxter now says Dumb ass Country everytime i say it XD
    [08:55] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country.
    [08:56] <@Wildcard> but he puts a dash in it
    [08:56] <@Wildcard> ?
    [08:56] <@HTorr3ntz> ye doesnt matter
    [08:56] <@HTorr3ntz> you say it, i wanna see if he says it
    [08:56] <@Wildcard> does to me
    [08:56] <@Wildcard> dumb ass country
    [08:56] <+Baxter> dumb ass-country
    [08:56] <@HTorr3ntz> rofl
    [08:56] <@Wildcard> wtf
    [08:56] <@HTorr3ntz> baxter is on drugs
    [08:56] <@Wildcard> cunt ass country
    [08:56] <+Baxter> B to the O L L O C K S
    [08:56] <+Muffy> B to the O L L O C K S
    [08:56] <@HTorr3ntz> ROFL
    [08:57] <@Wildcard> lololol
    [08:57] <@HTorr3ntz> lmao
    [08:57] <@Wildcard> these bots a trippim
    [08:57] <@HTorr3ntz> Baxter do you love Dumb Ass Country?
    [08:57] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-Country.
    [08:57] <+Baxter> does it mean i get pie?
    [08:57] <@HTorr3ntz> lmao
    [08:57] <@Wildcard> he thinks it means food
    [08:57] <@Wildcard> bahaahahaha
    [08:57] * @HTorr3ntz gives Baxter pie in Dumb Ass Country
    [08:57] <+Baxter> Big Grin
    [08:57] <+Baxter> thanks Htorr3ntz
    [08:57] <@Wildcard> Big Grin
    [08:57] * +Baxter eats pie
    [08:57] <@Wildcard> thats what he wanted
    [08:58] <@Wildcard> lololol
    [08:58] <@HTorr3ntz> i bet
    [08:58] <@HTorr3ntz> what a dumb ass country
    [08:58] <@Wildcard> dumb ass country
    [08:58] <+Baxter> dumb ass-country
    [08:58] <@HTorr3ntz> lmao
    [08:58] <+Baxter> Dumb ass-country.
    [08:58] <@HTorr3ntz> the bot is broken
    [08:58] <@Wildcard> broken ass bot
    [08:58] <@HTorr3ntz> its tripping balls
    [08:58] <+Baxter> Broken ass-bot.
    [08:58] <@Wildcard> whahahahaa
    [08:58] <@HTorr3ntz> wtf
    [08:58] <@HTorr3ntz> this bot is ass stupid
    [08:58] <+Baxter> is assd-stupid
    [08:58] <+Baxter> ffs
    [08:58] <@HTorr3ntz> lmao
    [08:59] <@HTorr3ntz> baxter ass bot
    [08:59] <+Baxter> Baxter ass-bot.
    [08:59] <@Wildcard> htorr3ntz broke the dumb ass bots
    [08:59] <+Baxter> dumb ass-bots
    [08:59] <@HTorr3ntz> lmao
    [08:59] <@HTorr3ntz> fuck in the ass
    [08:59] <@HTorr3ntz> ass fuck
    [09:00] <@HTorr3ntz> dumb ass fuck
    [09:00] <+Baxter> dumb ass-fuck
    [09:00] <@Wildcard> kiss my ass bots
    [09:00] <+Baxter> My ass-bots.
    [09:00] <@HTorr3ntz> lmao
    [09:00] <@HTorr3ntz> lololol
    [09:00] <@Wildcard> so anything ass anything
    [09:00] <@HTorr3ntz> i wonder if hector and scarlet do the same
    [09:00] <+Muffy> anything ass-anything
    [09:00] <@Wildcard> yep
    [09:00] <+Baxter> spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam...
    [02:14] <+Baxter> The grotesque monster-boy avoids the issues! just what does he plan on doing about the size of OFO's giant head? If I am elected, OFO's head will be removed, and filled with salted nuts!
    [02:34] <@Wildcard> HTZ whose come do you think tastes more like the nectar of the gods, mine or Slutgun17's?
    [02:34] <@HTorr3ntz> slutgun?
    [02:34] <@HTorr3ntz> lmao
    [02:34] <@Wildcard> bahahahaha
    [02:34] <@HTorr3ntz> i lolled on that
    [02:34] <+Baxter> ow... my spine
    [02:35] * @HTorr3ntz highfives his brother Wildcard
    [02:35] <@Wildcard> ^5
    [02:35] <@Wildcard> Heart
    [02:35] <+Spudgun17> slutgun,lol
    [02:35] <@HTorr3ntz> Heart
    <+Baxter> [09:45:01] *waves his magic wand*
    <+Baxter> [09:45:03] sim sala bim bam ba sala du sala dim.. caylus is now a person!

    <+Baxter> I'll be holding mine in the pub
    <@s_vague> I'll be holding Baxter's cock in the pub
    <+Baxter> KazOO.
    <@s_vague> WAZOOO dumb ass bot
    <+Baxter> Dumb ass-bot.
    <@s_vague> Big Grin
    <+Muffy> Smile
    (This post was last modified: 06-18-2013, 05:47 AM by politux.)
    <@s_vague> muffy?
    <@s_vague> baxter?
    <+Muffy> what do you think this is? Who Wants to be a Millionaire
    <+Baxter> What?
    <@s_vague> you guys have been quiet lately
    »» @s_vague rapes the bots
    <+Baxter> Not again Sad
    <+Muffy> Not again Sad
    <@Maestral> lol
    <@s_vague> Big Grin
    <+Muffy> Smile
    <+Baxter> Smile
    <+Baxter> Life is goooood!
    <+Muffy> Y to the A A A A A A A Y
    <+Baxter> This is fun!
    <+Muffy> yaaaaaay.
    <+Baxter> My anus is bleeding
    <+Muffy> yaaaaaay
    <+Muffy> Yaaaaay.
    »» @s_vague gives bots a bandaid for baxter's asshole
    <+Muffy> Well, i like these.
    <+Baxter> mmmmmmmmm bandaid for baxter's asshole
    [16:06] <@Wildcard> vague wanna fuck?
    [16:06] * @Wildcard is super horny
    [16:06] <@s_vague> do you have skyp
    [16:06] * @Wildcard does
    [16:06] <@s_vague> oh shit
    [16:06] <@s_vague> do you have breasts?
    [16:12] <@Togachu> he does
    [16:12] <@s_vague> hmm
    [16:16] <@Wildcard> moobs
    [16:16] <+Muffy> mooooooobs
    [16:16] <@Wildcard> Big Grin
    [16:16] <+Baxter> mooooobs
    [16:17] <+Baxter> Smile
    1:30] * @Togachu infects s_vague
    [21:30] <@s_vague> Sad
    [21:30] <@s_vague> does that mean we had sex?
    [21:30] * +Muffy downloads some porn for s_vague
    [21:30] <@s_vague> thanks muffy
    [21:30] <+Muffy> ok
    [21:30] <+Baxter> Thanks muffy... thuffy.
    [21:31] <@s_vague> fuck off Baxter
    [21:31] <+Baxter> What did you just say?
    [21:31] <@Togachu> Bots did s_vague have sex?
    [21:31] <@Maestral> lol
    [21:31] <@s_vague> you heard
    [21:31] <+Baxter> Muffy knows
    [21:31] <+Muffy> i can't tell you that
    [21:31] <@Togachu> Muffy you dirty girl :o
    [21:31] * @s_vague ass rapes muffy
    [21:31] <@s_vague> again
    [21:31] <@Maestral> muffy is a girl?
    [21:31] * +Muffy phones the police
    [21:31] <+Muffy> no thanks, i already have some
    [21:31] <@Togachu> hahaha
    [21:31] <@Togachu> wtf xD

    13»06»6 @s_vague steals the bots
    07»04» 4<+Baxter4>4 offers s_vague in return
    12<03+15Muffy12> *loves it*
    03<12@03s_vague> what did you offer Baxter ?
    03<12@03s_vague> ...
    03<12@03s_vague> fuck you Baxter
    12<03+15Baxter12> Stfu.
    03<12@03s_vague> good comeback
    03<12@03s_vague> fuck off Baxter 
    <+Baxter4>4 Basically, go fuck yourself s_vague.

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