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    I have no hesitation to put this thread in the art section because I believe truly, that cars that were engineered for styling can be a form of art. not just a practical use, but actual art.

    for instance. I believe the 1969 Dodge Charger is not only a car that was used for a purpose, but was also a work of art. The link I included in the post is a work of art as well. Finally a new wave replica of the 69 Charger that represents the beauty the old Charger had. I can't stop looking at these pics...

    I think that really nothing can replace the old style of art, but that's not to say that we can't come up with cool stuff now..

    What do you think? It doesn't have to be cars, either, it can be buildings, whatever you want.. I'm just surprised at how cool this car looks.

    It almost has Mustang characheristics to it too...
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    Car as art ! Interesting.

    I like the picture of the Equus from the back, with both doors open. The car looks majestic anyway.

    Here's a pic of 'car artwork' I came across two days back.
    [Image: crazy-car-winter3.jpg]
    This Car Is Crazy - English Russia
    no description

    Rajputana custom bikes are a work of art that I know. But am not sure about riding comfort.

    On architecture/buildings I have this person's name in my bookmarks : "Santiago Calatrava" - crazy carvings.

    The VW Beetle has been my coolest car since I was a kid. I once saw a Rolls Royce here on the roads. Left everybody gawping. I gathered it was one of the propaganda cars of Branson's "Virgin Airlines" that was touring the country. I really envy that driver.

    PS: I can neither drive a car nor a bike :-p

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    Heh, that car IS crazy. And I think it looks really cool. I love the engineering that goes into making cars like this.. It must be really good in the snow. I love it when people make things with a purpose, but make sure there is a bit of styling in the mix.

    Yes Radiobox, I consider automobile a form of art. Especially the Ferarri's or Aston Martins. they are beautiful.

    You can probably find beauty in almost anything if you look.
    [Image: truck.jpg]
    That's a drawing of a decorated lorry Big Grin
    (it probably has pics of gods on the dashboard, as life insurance.)

    There is this TV series named Epic, which shows the super rich families building unimaginable houses etc. One family has a personal F1 racetrack. You can see the episode list on imdb. Must get bit boring after a while.
    Dunno of any downloads.
    With Mckenzie Anderson, Rj Anderson. Epic features extravagant amenities and the people that make them. Find out how these daydreamers took their passion to another level with impressive prized possessions that involve expert craftsmanship, technology, and innovation. From a forward-thinking motorhome that's outfitted with a vast array of luxury items including iPad controllers and an in-motion satellite, to floating homes that ...

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    [Image: 2381381671_ff34159bd8.jpg]

    Cool & Intriguing....I don't know what's it's made up of , but I know it's cool as hell!!

    I wonder how much time it took for the artist to do this to the car...
    Looks like heavy metal CDs to me.

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