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    Hello all,

    I know material things shouldn't matter much, but sometimes we can't get by without them. For instance, when I was at my job, in the middle of all the office politics, selling my soul to try to get along. the only good part of the day (besides coming home to my family) was the drive to & from work. I had a decent car. It was a 2001 Honda Accord EX V6. However when it got t-boned Christmas Eve by some kid who ran a stop sign (I lost consciousness). I figured I was working hard enough, I wanted to buy something nice.

    Against my wife's wishes who thought I should buy something older & have it paid off completely, I bought a 2008 Honda Accord EX-L V6. Here is a pic (except mine is black):
    [Image: Honda-Accord_EX-L_V6_Sedan_2008_photo_01.jpg]

    Before my breakdown, I remember the only joy during the week was driving this car while listening to the radio. I shouldn't admit this, but you guys already know how stupid I am, but I was working late one summer evening and the highway was empty...There was a long stretch on I-84 where I could see if there were police, so I decided to run it up. I acutally got scared & took my foot off the gas after the odometer passed 140 MPH (221.31KPH to all you non Yankees out there).

    At least I listened to my wife & put extra money down on it (instead of spending it on stupid crap), since I subsequently lost my job from said breakdown, so don't have to worry about them taking it away from me.

    What do you guys do to blow off stress (play video games, watch porn, etc)?
    blow off stress?buy a couple of beers,doesn't happen often
    I relax by watching old movies when I feel stressed.
    Films that were made prior to 1960.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    The only material thing that matters to me at the moment is my pc and internet, and I come here to blow off steam and have a laugh. My power was down for a couple of hours the other day, and I felt like biting my fingers off. I also like watching the odd film or tv show, listening to some music, read, and if I'm bored, I'll play some console games.
    guitars and amplifiers.
    I am simple, the only things I care about in the material world is money.
    Did I mention the music?? jeez I could drive for hours listening to CD's I've made (my car has an aux port that lets me plug in an iPod, but I'm not that sophisticated yet..._

    Interesting answers. Everyone should have a way to blow off stress when they need to. As good as I was at my job (I keep saying it because maybe I'm insecure). I lost myself along the way. Now that I'm out, I look at people (today, for instance), and I see the stress in peoples faces... Stress about co-workers (the wife and I were shopping and someone used the overhead pager to "have so and so go back to the register". Next you hear over the pager "I am at my register" The tenseness in her voice was chilling, and I could feel it.

    I've only been posting for a while, but I feel like I've known you guys like we were old friends. I guess my message is to please take care of yourselves, do something that relaxes you. Don't be a mindless drone with no out, and certainly don't be like me, putting up a façade for so long then going off the deep end. I just couldn't take the fakeness, and betrayal to my soul anymore. I know I'm destined for better, I just don't know what. Maybe I'll star in America's wildest police chases if I tempt The V6 again. Who knows???
    Material things i like:

    My musical instruments. i have 14 in all.

    my shoes. too many.

    my collection of recipes. i love to cook.

    to relieve stress. i play piano. sing. write songs. read. go fishing. hot bubble bath. sex.
    Well, I don't know if I told you but some asshole backed into the front of my car as I was in getting pizza for the night's dinner one day...Fucker took off, no message, nothing. The only evidence I have is the car must have been green as evidenced by the green transfer on my quarter pannel... Pissed of and sad are understatements to how I'm feeling right now...I just came back from running errands, and have to look at that dent...

    [Image: bad-image.png]
    I drove 140mph (225kph) on Interstate 84 one day after work ... I don't have proof of that, but I did take a phone pic of the spedo doing 120mph (193kph) a few days earlier... nice flat road, with no cops...
    I like high end Sony AV entertainment systems.

    [Image: G3X1yio.jpg]

    [Image: bad-image.png]

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein

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