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  • Tutorial mIRC server tutorial
    A step by step tutorial I made for snilloc earlier. Thought maybe someone else wants it as well? So here it is:

    [Image: bad-image.png] Just replace snilloc's name with your own. haha! Big Grin

    Any other questions, just ask.
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    Nice job Toga Smile

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Absolutely first class job I have been trying for a week and with Toga’s help did it in.............. well not that long eh Tongue

    Thank you very much.

    YayYayYayLike Like Like
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    Nice One Toga Big Grin

    i got some addition to that, ill learn you guys something cool aswell.

    ill learn you guys, how to make mIRC let you auto join the channels you wish to join at all times, so you dont have keep typing in the channel names.
    its a very easy process.
    ill learn you how to do it, it is very easy.

    Step 2: In menu bar hit Tools -> Options (Screenshot)


    Step 3: Once you did that, this will popup (Screenshot) [Click on options on the left aswell]


    Step 4: Its optional, but you can set the checkmarks like i have on this screen.
    Step 5: Now hit on the same screen, the Button PERFORM

    You'll get this screen (is where the magic happens)


    Make Sure Enable Perform on Connect is Checked. (Just leave it all networks)
    Since EFNet is probably the only network most of our users use anyways.

    Now just type in the perform box commands like this.

    Let for example say you wanna join Rantcentral and Katradio automaticly while connecting to the IRC Server.

    then you type in the box this: /join #rantcentral
    /join #KATRadio

    /join #Rantcentral, makes mIRC Auto join that channel of your choice. you can put as many channels you want in the perform field, just make sure you do 1 channel per line. and always put /join #channelhere.

    thats all, after you did that hit OK, Then you hit OK again, and then you connect.
    and you will see mIRC Connecting automaticly to all your channels.

    NOTE: If you got a BNC This wont work (BNC is Bouncer) (If you dont know what it is, you wont have it Big Grin) Cause BNC Server do it already automaticly.

    Hope i've explained this well enough, and hope you all think its cool, and will use it Big Grin
    PEACE Big Grin
    That also works well for me thank you for your time and effort HT Like Big Grin
    Hm.. If you have the channels like i have in picture 4, then it is connecting automatic to the channels anyway! But nice tip HTz! Smile

    I would like to see it but I can't quite seem to find it.

    The first post in this thread advises us to look at "[Image: 95alx08wMJ.png]".

    But I can't figure out how to translate that into a link or a picture or anything useful.

    I know that I can be awful slow sometimes. But can you help me please?

    You see, I don't know how to open MIRC. I don't know just about anything concerning the IRC channel. Just think of me as 100% totally fucking retarded when it comes to anything close to IRC.

    I know nothing!

    Absolutely nothing!

    You will just have to forgive me. But I am 100% totally fucking clueless!

    I have never had any experience with IRC - except to use it when someone else opened a channel for me.

    I need absolute total help from square one - all the way. I know nothing about it. So very sorry!

    I can't even figure out how to use this tutorial. No clue where to start. I yam just a big dummy!
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    First just try out webchat Wink If you can get on IRC channel this way it will be much easier for those on-line to help you connect an IRC client.


    Wildcard is awesome.
    Aha! OK. I will try that and I will post the results for you here.

    I joined the channel and met someone named TogaChu.

    I wasn't sure if he was also TogaPie and I didn't want to say anything in case I revealed some info that I shouldn't.
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