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  • issues with the court system...
    organization in question: the superior court of california, los angeles county

    i'm pretty sure there's going to be a warrant out for my arrest pretty soon since i didn't appear in court today.... and if you think about it, it's all their fault. here's why:

    a week ago, i drove down to the court house because i wanted to change my appearance date because i had other more important shit to do but to my dismay, i was rudely informed that a change to the court's calendar was impossible...

    ...i got to thinking... every time i've failed to appear for a court date in the past, time would pass until i would eventually receive a letter notifying me that there is a warrant out for my arrest because i had failed to appear. the next day, i would go in to see the clerk and they would just issue a new court date and dismiss the warrant. you see?

    they are wasting 'my' time by doing exactly what i wanted them to do in the first place... in a really back-assward way, you know? why not just save everyone's time and just let me reschedule a court date to meet my schedule... after all, it's not like 'they're' going anywhere or have anything better to do.

    this is really just some form of bondage that i'm not comfortable with.... some attempt by THE MAN to keep us submissive and docile.

    so, i guess you can say that i didn't just not show up for my own sake, but for the sake of all the american people.

    we should have the ability to dictate how our government's operate since they exist (in principle) to serve us, however, due to the fundamental nature of any bureaucracy based upon need rather than want, they tailor their organizations to serve their own purpose and ignore everything else.

    let's face the fact: the people working for the court are people who probably can't survive in the private sector. their skills, aptitude and personal ambition are for the most part - insignificant when compared to their private sector counter parts. also, the civil servants - as they're called - are unpleasant, rude and nasty. it's almost as if they seem to be able to find some type of justification for their worthless and pathetic lives by enforcing their bureaucracies upon the people who they are supposed to serve.

    the system is too inflexible to be efficient and as a result of that inefficiency, they waste tax payer dollars that could be used to fix our failing infrastructure or feed the homeless or buy everyone a puppy.

    so fine, eventually after get a new court date, i'll have to show up in court but i won't be addressing the judge as 'your honor' because that is a title i reserve for people who've earned it... and i'm going to use words like, 'yeah,' 'ummm,' and 'huh' because the court recorder can't record those words.

    also, i'll have to be there no later than 0830 hours... even though they won't be ready to do any actual work until 1030 hours... and when they finally do get started, they'll be eating, txt'n, and conducting themselves in other non-professional ways... but i digress.

    in the end, i'll get what i want because at the end of the day, justice is blind, deaf and fucking dumb.

    feel free to rant against the system here.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
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    ..."every time I've failed to appear for a court date in the past"?

    That happens a lot? Tongue
    The good news is that the California prisons are so full that they have nowhere to put him. Smile

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    the biggest problem with people who are "public servants"is that they are gov.employees and that means[at least in most of europe]that they can't get fired,so they can be as rude,unpleasant and assholisch as they want to be,getting back at anybody waltzing into their office where they know they have to stay the rest of their lives doing useless things,waiting for their pension.

    wow,i just woke upTongue
    ^^ Agree. Most public servants I know are unhappy in their job, partly because they started out with good intentions only to become a slave to the machine. Whatever part of the system a person works in, groupthink is always encouraged and individual thought, which is dangerous, is discouraged. You get a minority who become jaded and leave, but they tend to be the 'good ones' who see the flaws and are probably best equipped, or at least willing, to do something about them. Sadly, it's the ones who keep their mouths shut while they stick band-aids on the cracks and flaws, that get promoted. The ones who don't get promoted stick around anyway, because they tend to lack any transferable skills that could be used in other jobs. They're not all bad of course, but the ones that are completely useless more than do enough damage to cover nearly everyone else.
    Honestly ... the entire system is flawed to the point of being grossly stupid. My son has played this game a few times, receiving the same results as yourself.
    There's soooooo much more wrong with the justice system in all countries, and I can't open anything up without receiving a ding Tongue

    sporkium wrote > "the system is too inflexible to be efficient and as a result of that inefficiency, they waste tax payer dollars that could be used to fix our failing infrastructure or feed the homeless or buy everyone a puppy LMAO

    How very, very true sporkium, but I can't imagine much changing in the near future ... good rant by the way Yay

    You Give To The World When You Give Your Best To Somebody Else Hug
    This is why we have epistemology. Problem is, people are too busy passing judgment.

    My hearing was not really a hearing as much as it was to inform me I was guilty, and I'm still paying for it. I've had the police barge in my home and accuse me of being a danger to myself by an anonymous tip, then accused of being under the influence of illegal drugs on the pretense that my pupils were dilated. And I've even been arrested for brushing leafs off my own car.
    I didn't have any serious run ins with the law yet.

    My only cop encounter was one time when I'd borrowed a fursuit from a friend of mine and I was walking to a party he told me to take of the head while I was going there, since apparently it's not allowed to be unrecognizable in the public street Undecided

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