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  • Tech Discussion iPhone chargers - other issues
    Do they ONLY work when they feel like it???

    I've been an iPhone 6 owner for a year... Before I had a crappy android.

    I love it, but the charger only connects when it feels like it seems.

    IS this something you guys experience, or is my phone F-ed up?

    Not sure it's the cord...Although it was a cheap WalMart special... It was doing this when the cord was new...

    I take the plug and plug it in, take it out, plug it in... It can take 30 times it feels sometimes... That phone gets more sex than I DO!!

    Other than that I love my iPhone...
    (This post was last modified: 07-21-2019, 04:18 PM by LZA.)
    Have you cleaned the connector? Have you cleaned the receptacle in your phone?
    I'll try cleaning the phone receptacle. I tried other phone cords with the same result. I hope that's all it needs.
    @LZA, use compressed air to clean the iPhone port. You can also use a pipe cleaner, or the solid part of a Q-tip. Don't use the cotton swab, as you risk getting fibers in the port.

    It goes without saying that it should be dry.
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    Thanks! I knew not to get it wet, but I probably would have tried a Q-tip...

    I cut it in half and used the stick part, but I had to trim it up since it was too big for me to fit it in on the first try (something I've never said before and will never need to say again...

    I plugged it in and it did connect on my first try... Probably never cleaned before, and God knows I didn't think of it...
    Only time will tell.

    If it does it again, (very) gently press on the cable end in each direction and see if it starts charging. If one direction consistently makes it work, then try a different cable. If a different cable behaves the same way, then you probably have a fucked up port/jack inside the phone.

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