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  • Help Request i can't figure out how to protect my computer from hijackings.
    got this stupid browser hijacker on my pc and cannot get rid of the stupid thing,tried but to no avail,i don't want to do a system restore as i will loose torrents,scanned with spybot but never removed it

    here is the stupid thing


    any ideas
    you got Anti Virus Installed?

    I got this from G
    To remove Funmoods from Google Chrome
    First of all go to Control Panel, "Add Remove" Programs for XP, or Control Panel, then Programs and Features for Windows 7.Look for
    "Funmoods" and uninstall it.
    Open a Chrome browser window, Left-click the spanner (or wrench if you use the American name), top right of the browser
    window.Move cursor down to "Tools".Left-click, "Extensions". On the left under basics left-click "Basics", beside the "Homepage" section,
    if you find "Funmoods" here, delete it, and for now, above this, left click, "Use The New Tab" Page and you are finished on this bit.
    Now look down the "Basics" page for the "Search" section and left-click, "Manage Search Engines".
    Under "Default search options", hover your curser on the "Funmoods" entry and an x should appear to the right edge of it.Left-click the
    x and it should remove it from the list.
    Finally, Just check that your search results are no longer being given by "Funmoods".

    [Image: fdhgsdssff.jpg]
    May My Light guides you
    cool i'll try it,no funmoods in unistall
    it's ok i just done a system restore all good
    A good tool to have in your arsenal for any future nasties is Avira AntiVir Rescue System.
    Just download it.
    Burn it to disk (CD).
    Re-boot your system from the disk and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Had similar a while back and Nobodyhome on SB put me onto it.
    Worked a charm Smile

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