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    Cypress Hill - 'Dr Greenthumb'

    ^^ tune kicks in at 1.17

    @wildcard - hope that guy rang you back. Wink

    In my humble opinion G-rap is one of the greatest of all time... If not the greatest

    Remember this. Main Source was pretty underrated.

    Sorry to over take this thread, but this song needs to be posted. F-in classic!!

    RIP GURU!!!!!
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    ^^ Dope! Yay

    BDP -'Ruff Ruff'


    This song... I torrent'ed an AVS media converter along with a you tube to mp3 converter JUST so I can rip the instrumental, turn it to a .wav, chop it and make it my windows login sound...

    One two, microphone check one two
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    Good afternoon Ladies & gentlemen,

    Here's a classic from my Wu-Tang brother Ghostface:

    I'd recommend listening to it a few times before committing any acts of violence! (although I don't advocate general, unwarranted viole...ah, well, you know what I mean).

    All, let me know if you get tired of seeing my ugly face...

    Here's a classic I'll listen to when it's night, and all is quiet, and I'm tripping off DXM (but that'll be another thread...)
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    Yup. you know who again... I love how this song kicks in.

    Another Classic...
    Gravediggaz - 'Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide'


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