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    I have gotten addicted to this song. Catchy ass tune.


    AS i PREPARE TO GO OUT AND SHOVEL SNOW FOR (Sorry for caps lock, bt too lazy to fix) the first time at the years' end, I'm looking for songs that pump me up...Main Source funk seems to be doing the trick

    Keeping with the Large Pro/Main Source kick... I dare say he is the most underrated rapper with the smooth funky skills.

    RIP good rap

    GZA/WU-Tang love.Song about the universe...

    A picosecond after The Big Bang, music of the spheres

    Before the ears, the universes now sang
    Small enough to fit in your hand, a nanosecond later
    It was the size of Mars and becoming greater
    Fraction of the second later - 80 times the size of Earth
    Fastest growing infant since its time of birth

    Let a mumble rapper try to THINK of this, forget trying to say it.

    i'M GLAD dmx SHOWED UP WHEN HE DID... (fuk caps lock)

    He killed the puff ditty faggotry. I'm sure if BIG was still around he would have been relevant, but he just turned ass after awhile... Too much ego. In fact, I HATED how ditty would jump in on songs.

    Remember this classic?
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    Now, that's old skool...
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