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    ^^^^@wildcard That Mos Def song I haven't heard until I saw that Ice-T Rap documentary you recommended... I'll dedicate that song to you! LOL''

    I'm in the mood of listening to lyricists today!!! Here's another I just found -

    Common and Mos Def kinda have similar deliveries... Both these songs have sick beats

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    Day 2 of epic lyricists...

    "You in da buildin but he buildin's falling
    you wouldn;t be ballin if your name was Spalding"

    Love him or hate him... Awesome producer and lyrically sound
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    Giving props to Ice Cube for the lyrics
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    My Adidas is not one of my favorite Run DMC songs, but I like it in this song! Some of these are done really well...
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    KOOL G RAP! One of the best underrated of all time!!! YES, his skillz rival Rakim the God

    I feel I'm really losing it, I need to write dear Abby, the characters on TV try to reach right out and grab me

    Smooth MF Doom song (he doesn't even rap in)

    MF Doom was part of KMD (was introduced back in the day by 3rd bass...) Subroc passed away but Doom still plugged along... Good thing since he's underrated

    R.I.P Prodigy.
    @Stella 1977

    Ever hear of Del Tha Funky Homosapien? He is Ice Cube's Cousin.

    This was his breakout song but you may know him as the singer of the Gorillaz, which was more rock/grunge/not rap in nature..

    Probably one of their most notable songs is this one.

    Kinda like Hootie going country, in the genre changes...
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    Where were you when THIS gem came out?

    Song made for my home state of Connecticut... Pot holed in the streets and every god dammed where else

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