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    @wildcard's movie suggestion inspired me for some TRUE old school classics!

    DJ Premier beats w/ Guru's jazzy flow. RIP Guru and thanks for everything!
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    ^^^At first I thought that was a real pastor trying to rap... When he said "bigger", for a second I thought, "no way, he won't say it!"

    Then he said it! Tongue
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    Of course he said it, he’s a straight talking player from the ‘hood. The Neighbourhood Watch. For Whitebread Township Est. 1764.
    I know I'm gonna catch hell for this, but "He turned water to wine: He's a drink exchanger!" was pretty funny to me.

    Also, I am willing to bet that my mom and dad would love this unironically. lmfao
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    This shit is just easy for Em...

    Eminem - The Ringer

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    This is my favourite Eminem song.

    I don’t know how much of it is truly autobiographical and how much he might have exaggerated or even made up, but it feels genuine, and is such a vulgar and horrible howl of indiscreet rage that I find it kind of awesome.

    I like early Eminem for its lyrical content. A lot of rappers obviously have outsized and egotistical presences, but early (non-mainstream) Eminem went beyond that, giving the impression of a genuinely frightening, unbalanced persona. The mainstream stuff was good too - more comedic and playful - it’s just that the lesser known songs were stunning in the violent stories they told.

    Plus the “mom” of the song has to be one of music’s great monsters:

    “Now just wait 'til I crush the Valium and put it in your potatoes
    You little motherfucker, I'll make you sit there and make
    That retarded fucking face without even tasting it
    You better lick the fucking plate, you ain't wasting it
    Put your face in it 'fore I throw you in the basement again”
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    @Plenty O’Toole

    I can't pick a Favorite Eminem song... I can relate to so many (scary).

    But as far as old style, this is probably my favorite .. 1996 I think?
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    Hot Saturday blast from the past!!!

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