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  • hello world.
    I am just a hard working nice natured middle aged guy that's a little over being taken advantaged of. My rants won't be about the cost of fuel or poor mail service, more about the closer to home parasitic nature of family and neighbours. I am from a bit of a rough background being a first generation of immigrant parents from the UK in Australia. I am an eye witness of how once here the "dole" and " disability pension" or welfare payment was a staple and exploited source of income. I am and have always been to proud to take any form of hand out, I was ashamed of my family and won't really mention or meet them to this day. It did take me a little time to learn of and replace the false ideas these people will put into their children's heads of everyone is out to get you and all police are bad, but it was done. I abandoned my broken family, went couch surfing (homeless) and through myself into hard work. During this period I learnt a lot about people, nothing shocks me now, but that is a different rant. I landed an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner and worked hard to become one of the best in the trade. To move to modern day after all my hard work things have paid off nicely, I get phone calls from companies all over the country just wondering how much I want to get paid. Have done well out of hard working, have been doing management level projects civil and mechanical for years now and paid off two properties one big, one small. Then they come back. Apparently I am privileged to have what I have, because I didn't become a drug addict, worked hard, pay way to much tax to support them and now my father has moved in while I was away. I don't blame the fact that after 42 years I am still single with no really long term relationships but if they want to ask my background and meet the family we could do a road trip. Several prisons, slums and now in my house, cardboard box furniture and my work space filling with news papers, scrap cars and general rubbish. You got to look after your olds, but I didn't realize I set up a retirement home. My next rant will be about my neighbour, you won't believe how far this crazy hoarder bitch is going to make sure my apparently over privileged butt get thrown back to the ground ( she's a grandmother) . Long story but her welfare supplied house she moved into years after I bought this one, is now being over shadowed by piles of rubbish (that's my house that is being slowly blacked out). Again, apparently if I complain she will unleash the "drugos" on my place. Thanks for reading this far, and don't worry, you don't get far in life if you give up easy.

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    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.

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