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  • get over yourself already
    Just a byproduct of the Internets inherent anonymity. Just some punk who wishes he could speak his mind but is much too afraid of his peers.
    I forgot about this... This was a good discussion.
    I agree with the OP. You can't say one thing in this world without it being judged as controversial by a horde of nincompoops.

    One thing I do want to add though is I hope my life Will make a difference, even if its not life altering in 100 years and its minor, in the lives of the people around me and that ethos continues to affect people in the years to come.

    Other than that you did an A1 job op.
    I always wondered why Obama is called half white and not half black
    EVERYTHING is offensive. I am kind of fed up of people taking what I say, and mnipulating it to make me look like some sort of hideous monster. SERIOUSLY. Don't you have better things to do then to turn me into a new scapegoat, who embodies everything wrong with your petty society?

    "Did you really think I was the demon? The Demon of Empire City?"
    why the fuck do you care?fuck society,the only people I care about are my peers,meaning friends and associates
    Don't forget that Russians are also Asian-Americans, so are the folks from India.

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    how about white americans?
    Most of the white people I saw in America were tourists.
    are you still"allowed"to say honky?or is it european american

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