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  • faith and hope
    Time comes as it always has: disguised with patience, sneeking and pouncing. It captures Faith and Hope. The twin sisters of dim light. Conjurers of magic and illusion. It can sway the trees; trees bold enough to keep their memories through tasteless bark, as if to say, "Kill me, and see the rings that count the years of MY faith and hope!"
    Beyond the now-or-never of man and past the desire of new discovery, comes a fragile mind, ready to break or become whole once more.

    Something must change.

    No goodbye to be given. An entire life drowned by the feelings shared through those same sisters that urge us to swim. Swim or be consumed by your surroundings.

    Constant youth is a constant friend. A coolness carried on a breeze and then lost to unknowing Time. Yet constant it shall be.

    Forever is too long. We gather the crumbs from the table of Time's great feast and hastefully swallow with starving mouths and fat bellys.

    So finite we make the unknown; defining even those things that cannot be explained through Faith and Hope. No wonder sorrow follows the blind exodus. Multitudes fleeing from one emotion to the next. Led only by Faith and Hope. A sightless journey led by witless senses. Post your centuries cowards! Yes, Time comes as it always does.

    Fistfull of xanax

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