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  • Music eminem & rihanna = straight up trash
    im tired of walking down the street and hearing this happy go lucky bullshit playing through some peoples speakers. its the most fucking irritating annoying AGGRAVATING music ive heard from him in a long time. thank fuck he started chilling with the angry screamy voice (which he still does in this song btw) but to abandon his roots with dre and real hip hop is just fucking insulting.

    i dont want to hear from any eminem fucking fanboys either. i was the biggest em fan until encore came out and then since that... fuck him. he can go fuck his money.

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    Ya, the more I listen to Eminem's new album the more disappointed I am. In fact, Bad Guy is the only song I like. The fact that he did a song with Rihanna is ok IMHO, since Jay-Z did (a lot of rappers do crossover songs with pop artists), but it's how you pull it off that makes it or breaks it. I still like him as an artist though for what he's done in the past. Who knows...Maybe he's too domesticated from his money and running out of good ideas for songs...

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