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  • edgy friend
    alright, so i know this girl. apparently she's "suicidal" and "depressed" because of this stupid ass trivial reason. want to guess? stop right here and think about it. anyway, the reason; because her fucking crush doesn't like her back. what. in. the. actual. hell. like why? on a social media app, "Instagram" she had an argument with her main group of friends. so the asshole no-one likes triggers her by making light of the sensitive subject(s). you see, she has an "obsession" with at least 3 guys. that's normal, so whatever. BUT THIS ASSHOLE HAD THE AUDACITY TO FUCKING CALL HER OUT, KNOWING VERY WELL THE PERSON SHE LIKES WOULD SEE THE COMMENT SECTION. now the rest of the group (2 people including her) start saying he should chill, not trying to fight. guess what? he fucking starts rambling about all 3 of them being sluts, bitches, annoying ass people triggering his superiority complex(me summarising what he meant obv.) obviously i don't agree with the girl's reasoning to be suiciding over a dumb ass boy, but that doesn't mean the asshole should make her feel even more "depressed". goodbye to their friendship. thanks for reading; toodles.

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