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  • depression down spiral
    I hate my life, I'm not doing well in school, I have a project due, no one understands me and in just one year I've seriously gone down hill. I'm writing because I need to let it out but don't have anyone to talk to, sometimes I want to end it all, start new, don't fuck up.

    I don't know how much longer I can do this, I have to bottle it up because my parents probably won't believe I'm depressed. Every time i'm happy something happens to put me back into a slump.

    I know half of you will answer this simpatheticaly and the other half will not, don't bother with empty words of encouragements, I've herd them all. I just need to let go of this emotion.
    I think noone is answering because you said "Don't bother with empty words of encouragement" If we haven't done so, let me take the time to in-tro-duce myself, my name is HOV....Actually, it's LZA, AKA depression. So no words of encouragement are coming your way. My question to you is...What now? You have seemed to recognized the problem that's a huge step in the process of getting better. You've admitted to being depresses ed, you don't know how epic that is...So where to go from here??

    A lot of people are depressed. You can talk to someone. Crisis hotlines are not just for crisis's if you feel like your in a bad place, give them a call (I'm assuming you're a resident of the United States). if not, any help center in your area. They are licesensed health care professionals that may be able to give you good advice... It sounds like you don't really want any here, but I'm giving it to you anyway...I'm LZA, that's part of my personna. Maybe they can help you let go of your emotion... Never hurts to try...
    (04-23-2014, 09:04 PM)mystic Wrote:  I just need to let go of this emotion.

    In my opinion that doesn't sound like what you need to do at all. I think you need to consider that your mind and body are changing (if I am remembering your age correctly) and this sometimes can cause depression. Further changes in your body are likely to relieve this state and you might even look back and laugh for worrying.

    Even if this isn't related to your body's development, it is still probably a temporary condition-- not that I can say that for certain. Depression is very real and I am not making light of it. I am just encouraging you to wait this out with a positive hope. It is the best any of us can do.
    Enjoying life, and living it to the best of our abilities each and every day, that is all that any of us can do.
    It is far better than any of the alternatives.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    Just hold on. It doesn't matter what causes you to be depressed. Nothing lasts forever. Judging by the fact that you are in school and know how to spell, I guess you are in secondary school. I know this probably seems like "the regular excuse" but if I am right, you probably have over 9000 raging hormones and all of them are addling your brain. The worst might not be over, but in the future you will look back and be glad you kept through at life.

    "Did you really think I was the demon? The Demon of Empire City?"
    Booze is the answer, and it does last forever, despite what others may say.

    that those with no rights,
    display the right to have no life, to have respect they must accept
    a world commiting suicide
    OP: How are you making out?

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