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  • cool things we had as kids
    20 Things Every "cool Kid" Growing
    Up In The 1980S Owned | Best Life

    Trip down memory lane. I had a few of these, but never owned a pair of Air Jordans, nor did I have a Members Only jacket.

    The Trapper Keepers were a staple to my school experience...and they helped since I graduated with a C- average!!!  Tongue

    Never heard of #17, and I still think #20 are around?

    Anything you had and don't see on the list??

    50 Things Only People Who Lived In
    The 1990S Will Remember | Best Life

    I was 17 in 1990, but still remember a lot of these things. Trapper Keepers made the list again!
    I had a sailboat,you couldn't get cooler in that time[Image: picflyingjuniorca.jpg]
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    [Image: Vi6tkB7.png]
    [Image: fdkCX3N.png]
    we also had tasteless condoms.....

    [Was going to insert a further comment, but noticed this ain't the pit]
    So y'all never know what hilarious thing i was gonna say Confused
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    [Image: 5P3LWyS.jpg]

    Don't know why I'm thinking back... The older I get, the more I appreciate the past

    [Image: Mi22hOR.jpg]
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