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    Hey guys,

    My antispyware/virus combo app (Webroot secure anywhere) is expiring, and I'm a little short on cash to renew my subscription with them.

    The question i'll pose to any of you out there is: What is your favorit software for this and, do you think the Windows firewall/windows defender is good enough for the few days while I get the money up to pay Webroot. I love it because it's a comprehensive protection application, that's really light on the resources...

    Mac people, I think I'm correct when I say you guys don't need this since the mac is self sufficient in protection itself?? (people told me all you have to do is shut it off and turn it back on to get rid of viruses....)

    I'll be running on 100% windows firewall/defender for a while... If you guys tell me that's enough, I'll save my money for my BT guard subscription so I can can torrent stuff instead...

    I know the torrent game can be iffy...So I want my computer to be properly protected... I know these are computer 101 questions, but when It comes to this, I like the reassurance that what I'm doing is at least OK...

    Thanks, Chris
    the best AV is 100% free. it's called good sense.

    having said that, i've been running whatever firewall/AV comes with windows for years without an issue.
    I have been using Avast! AV for some years now...I haven't had much of an issue. Having said that I don't really know how good Windows Defender is. It likes to roll about occasionally telling me to run it and I just obey.

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