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  • answering the phone be it a call or txt while having sex
    I go out nearly every friday and satarday night and most weekends end up going to some girls place or back to mine for sex and this was fine but more reacently I've found the girls will grab thier phone no matter whats going on. One night got back to mine with a nice looking girl about 23, We where getting hot and heavy and she started sucking me off, about 3 minutes in her phone goes and she grabs it and starts txting back and still blowing me. 3 or 4 txts later she puts the phone down.
    I'm not gona stop her sucking me off but surely they can leave thier dam phones alone long enough for sex, this has happened a few times now and others while having sex, Surely i'm not alone in this bugging the hell out of them?
    maybe they're not having that good of a time
    reminds me once observing a monkey franticly going for it while the female was chewing a carrot
    I certainly have not experienced what you are describing. Has this happened with more than one woman? If it is one person then she could just be an oddball.
    Multitasking at its finest!!!!!


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