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  • Your favorite cartoon and cartoon figure?
    Since it's like 10 am, and I have not been sleeping yet, and all the other threads are dead, I will make a new one. So tell me about your favorite cartoon movie/tv show and who was your favorite cartoon figure? And for all I know, you still got one?


    My favorite are almost everyone in all the Disney movies! I just love those movies and have always done, some of them are pretty sad but in the end, its always a happy ending, and everyone is so nice to each other, and they have good morals!

    [Image: St2oUYZ.jpg]

    Oh yeah and of course the dragon from "How to train your dragon"

    [Image: ZMYTCM9.jpg]

    So cuuuuuuuute!
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    [Image: JUKZqu2.gif]
    [Image: V3wueaG.png]

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    That has to be these guys:

    [Image: Xa4wfZy.jpg]

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