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  • Your creepy story....
    So i gotta ask....Anybody ever had an experience that was just unexplained or creepy? Or where you thought you might have been near a ghost or spirit? What about something as simple as de ja vu or strange coincidences?

    I have experienced a couple of things in my lifetime. I was with my sister and uncle one day and my sister was playing with toys and my uncle and i were cooking. my sister was about 4 years old. i heard a ladies voice say to her hello Jessica, are you ok? My sister Jessica stopped, looked up at something and said yes then smiled. my uncle also heard it. there was no one else there! then my sister laughed and looked like she hugged someone that was kneeling down by her in the floor then she went back to playing. it scared us So bad we looked through the whole entire house and still dont understand where the voice came from or what my sister saw. when we questioned her all she would say was it was a lady. weird huh??

    Bunnies are better
    That is weird O.o Wow, creepy Tongue


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