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    beer this one

    [Image: 5jqHL.jpg]


    [Image: fOUAS.jpg]

    oh yeah
    yeah,but is it drinkable?
    Monteith's Summer Ale, from NZ, or Mildura Brewery's Desert Premium... but I'd much prefer a good cider (ie almost anything but Strongbow)
    I've become a pansy when it comes to drinking. This is the only beer I drink nowadays.

    [Image: mkvpPrV.png]
    My original favorite beer:
    [Image: hsFsy3X.jpg]

    Then I moved to Waterbury as part of a drunken Junkie and my neighbors only drank this:
    [Image: fZEjfLV.jpg]

    I bought MILLER lite by accident and GAVE it to them, those louses bitched and moaned how I didn;t care about them enough to give them "good shit"

    Honestly, my favorite now is :
    [Image: gGaXw0M.jpg]
    But that's all in the past. Heineken was too heavy, I could drink more Amstel and it gave me just as good of a buzz...
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