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    seems you dont know much about wow, or based all things you said of things people have said, you might have playd it but i dont think you still currently play, anyways i do play world of warcraft, and i will give my analysis in a bit, first i play retail and private, as a matter of fact i own my own Private WOTLK Server, if people interrested they can pm me for a website adress.

    my opinion about your points.

    1. pretty much what people do in every f*cking game, but still not really true, depends how you play the game, if you keep questing yes, but most people when they get the chance they level through dungeons, and even though the dungeon is the same, is each group is different which makes it enjoying enough.

    2. the quests are not that linear, maybe back in the day when you playd, but there is lotsa difference between questing now, but most enjoyable ones are the quests with vehicles.

    3. The lich king was the most badass storyline there was, i must admit cataclysm and mop storylines dont interrest me that much, but there are some good storylines within the game, what about the Death Knight starting area, Worgen Starting Area and Goblin starting area, and offcourse the Lich King ICC Raid storyline, which was awesome, also deathwing the final boss of cata has a decent storyline. though my all time favorite would be WOTLK hence why i run a WOTLK Private Server.

    4. blizzard can't do anything about it, cause whatever they do, there will always be players who will be bitching fact is, i have 4 Level 90's (Warrior, Mage, DK and Hunter) and i can beat all classes with every one of those classes i got on 90, no class is overpowered, its all based on skill, ussually the people bitching are just bad players, i do admit one class does more damage then the other class, but thats good, it would be boring as hell if all classes did the same damage, cause then there is no point in tweaking your own character.

    no matter what blizzard nerfs or buffs, they will always hear people complaining cause there is always something to bitch about. its impossible to make all players happy.


    without much reward you say, my question to you when did you stop playing wow, or better question which expansion did you play? cause there is lotsa stuff which can give you a feel or rewardness, im kinda thinking you have never been in a big guild and did raiding, like making tactics to beat certain bosses, practicing pvp and stuff, sometimes you do something which you have trained and tweaked your character for a long time, and finally succeed, in my opinion that pretty rewarding for yourself, its not about being rewarded ingame, atleast for me its not, cause i dont care about that part personally Tongue but i like to reward myself for my knowledge about the game, and achieving perfection knowing my own characters, thats very rewarding and enjoyable Tongue
    My son says is a fun game; it's what you make of it. He can play for hours having fun. (I know nothing about WOW), He says the game gets much better the higher you go in levels. I guess one time he was in the horde and he and a couple of his friends killed the newbies on the alliance, along with the guards to protect the n00bs. I've never played that game before but to me that sounds fun as hell!!!!!
    If you're in the Horde, you get to kill humans.

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