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  • Working for a private person 4 homeless wages
    So to began this rant I will start from the beganning and the rant i am about to bestow on is very welcoming to rant opinions.
    So i began with i started renting from previous slum lord and during that time i had a major broken bone. They seen a situation and took advantage of it. They came to asking me for their help and i could not say no since i was one step from being on the atreet with a broken collar bone. So i started to help with his rv property to ease my debt due to not working from the broke bone. At first i did not mind until i started to see all the bullshit that he was telling was all a lie.
    So fast forward to the most recent incident, so they offer me $50.00 weekly to place a battery in each one to move them when they get marked and some of these vechiles are really hard to move. I am still recovering from that break and all the rvs have to have battery added to it to move. That is wear and tear on my body. The first week just in time alone was 13 hours just moving the rvs, plus i went back to work fulltime. Lol the two days that i worked at my REAL job i made 117.00 and it very very easy work. Do you see something wrong with that?
    When i got paid that chump change from rv slum lord it pissed me off hard core. So i texted them back to clarify what i was reading and low and behold that is what he is going to pay me. When this deal happened i was only going to help them move them when they neeed me too. I am pretty much soing his job and he gets tocollect $6,800.00 a month and he only pays me $200.00 in total monthly for the bitch work.
    After asking for clarification they are still going to only pay me $50.00 weekly for all that work plus on top of that they want me to get a broom and cleaning all the cob webs of each rv and pick up trash arpund each one on top of everything else they have asked me to do. Lmfao.
    They are majorly taking advantage of me and with that kinda wages makes me want to throw all keys into the ocean. They are assualting my worth as a human and as a woman. So i need your rant opinions about this i am so pissed and i see that other peaople feel thus same about the homeless wages and slum lird sitting back enjoying his $6,600.00 and they work on top of that. So there is most of it in anut shell. I literally can go on and on about every little thing they have done over the past year that I have known them.
    yeah,I know how you feel,they're only paying me $200 a day to look at stupid mountains
    why would they pay you in dollars?


    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.

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